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Chalk formation in White desert, Egypt

The Western Desert

Vast and starkly beautiful, Egypt’s Western Desert has a rich and fascinating history.

Dare to venture off the beaten track and into the vast deserts to the west of the country. With far fewer travellers but no less beauty and history, you won’t be disappointed.

Part of the Sahara, Egypt’s Western Desert stretches west to the border with Libya and as far as Sudan in the south. The main oasis settlements are linked by a 1,000 kilometre road which traverses diverse desert terrain, from the chalk rock formations of the White Desert National Park to the inky sand peaks of the black desert and rolling dunes in between. These desert areas are remote and isolated giving a sense of disengagement with the rest of Egypt and the Arab world.

Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
Siwa Oasis
Hot Springs, Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Hot spring, Siwa Oasis,

Siwa Oasis

Approximately 600 kilometres from the coastal city of Alexandria, Siwa has some unique and charming hotels and is often visited as a stand alone destination, independently of the other four oases. Due to its remoteness, it maintains its own culture and language, related to the Berber languages of North Africa. Surprisingly fertile, it is Egypt’s major producer of dates and has over a million palms, among which nestle over 200 fresh water natural springs. Surrounding the oasis town, salt lakes and the Great Sand Sea stretch into the distance.

The Black Desert, Western Desert, Nr Bahariya, Egypt
The Black Desert
Architecture, Farafra, White Desert, Egypt
The White Desert
4x4 in White Desert, Bahariya, Egypt
The White Desert, near Bahariya, Oasis

Bahariyah, Farafrah and Dakhla Oases

The closest oasis town to Giza and thus the most accessible, Bahariya has over 100 natural springs and archaeologists have uncovered spectacular finds, including the incredible burial site of golden mummies. Farafrah is the furthest oasis from the Nile Valley and closest to the White Desert National Park, a landscape of strangely eroded sandstone and the most amazing colours. Once capital of the oasis region, Dakhla Oasis is a labyrinth maze of mud-brick villages.


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Hot Springs, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Bir Wahed Hot Springs

Relax in one of the numerous hot springs scattered around the oases of Bir Wahed and Siwa.

Limestone formation rock, White Desert, Egypt

Sculptures of the White Desert

Visit the limestone sculptures carved by the millennial efforts of sand and wind in the White Desert.

Al Qasr, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Al Qasr

Visit the thoughtfully restored old town of Al Qasr, showcasing how the other oasis towns once looked before modern development.

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Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Highlights of Egypt including a Nile Cruise

Egypt is arguably one of the most interesting countries in the world both historically and culturally, with antiquities of such scale and beauty to leave you speechless.
This holiday is the perfect introduction to Egypt and not only offers some very welcome winter sun but more than that, it is the atmosphere of Egypt that is so intoxicating.

11 days

from $6,748 pp

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