The Steppes Travel team headed up to Brigg in Scunthorpe to plant some of the first trees in our new conservation area. Jarrod Kyte, Sales & Product Director, shares his thoughts and images from the day.

Newly planted trees in Scunthorpe
The first five of our 40-acre forest being planted in Scunthorpe.

I believe wholeheartedly that the positive benefits of responsible travel far outweigh the negatives, however, that does not mean we should become complacent. We cannot go on ignoring the elephant in the room: carbon emissions from flying. It is imperative we take positive action to mitigate the carbon emissions that Steppes Travel generates through the holidays it sells.

Our initiative in Brigg is our way of taking action to make a positive difference. We are planting forty acres of forest in an area of the UK with the worst air pollution in the country. These trees will not only grow to sequester carbon but they will create an environment in which biodiversity will flourish and provide a natural playground for the local people to enjoy.

We have developed a bold vision for a Scunthorpe Forest, aiming to work with local landowners to create new woodland on their land. The Woodland Trust supports this vision as a significant contribution to the wider aim of a new Northern Forest and will help to facilitate its delivery.

Couciller Rob Waltham and Justin
Justin Wateridge and Councillor Rob Waltham of North Lincolnshire.

I was inspired by the speed at which the trees were planted. In the space of about five hours, 1,300 saplings were put into the ground, in addition to the 2,000 saplings that were planted over the weekend. Seeing this flat and seemingly-sterile landscape transformed in such a short space of time has made me believe in the huge difference we can all make if we work together with a shared vision and commitment. I look forward to seeing Steppes Travel’s forest in a few years’ time.

Debs B-D planting trees at Scunthorpe
Deborah Brock-Doyle, Steppes Travel Expert planting our new forest.

By then, I hope we will have scaled up our efforts and will have encouraged other tour operators and businesses to join us in developing the Northern Forest.

Fergus and Justin in Scunthorpe
Fergus Beeley and Managing Director, Justin Wateridge.

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Jarrod Kyte

Author: Jarrod Kyte