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Uplistsikhe Cave City, Uplistsikhe, Georgia

Ian Colvin

Ian Colvin is a historian and researcher at the University of Cambridge who works on the South Caucasus, Byzantium and Sasanian Iran.

Alongside work for the School Classics Project, he is Director of the Anglo-Georgian Archaeological Expedition to the important site of Nokalakevi in Samegrelo, West Georgia–a project he established in 2001 in collaboration with the Georgian National Museum. He speaks and reads Georgian and has been known to supervise for the Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad course (History Faculty).

View on Alazan Valley and part of the city wall with fortified tower fortress historical town Signagi, Kakheti region, Georgia

Georgia – Highlights of Transcaucasia

The unexplored Transcaucasia, known variously as the Caucasus, or the South Caucasus, is a geographical region in the southern Caucasus Mountains. It is where Europe, Asia and the Middle East meet and is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse regions in the world. Encompassing unique Caucasian cultures, a rich Christian heritage, dramatic mountain scenery, fine wines and delicious food. Offering dramatic, unspoilt scenery peppered with fascinating historical and religious sites. Its proud, high-spirited, cultured people are the soul of this stunning country.

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Akdamar Island in Van Lake, The Armenian Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross, Turkey
Van, Turkey

Turkey – Ancient civilisations of Eastern Turkey

Home to some of the most important and iconic archaeological sites found anywhere in the world, Eastern Turkey is a fascinating melting pot just waiting for the intrepid traveller. Be lured by the ancient town of Ani, Mount Ararat and Noah’s Ark, the walled city of Diyarbakir, Mount Nemrut and Göbekli Tepe, the world’s first temple. Discover spectacular scenery, ancient civilisations and the many Biblical sites of Eastern Turkey.

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