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If you are curious about the world then you have to travel. You’ll always find the unexpected, discover a species you have never encountered, stumble upon a view you could never have envisaged or meet a stranger who becomes a friend.

I’ve trekked for gorillas in Uganda, heli-hiked in New Zealand, baked in the heat of Oman and mushed dogs across frozen fjords in Norway. However, it’s often the small things that I’ve bumped into along the way that have brought the most delight as they remind you that however many documentaries you watch, or books you read there’s a never-ending possibility to learn something new about the world, especially if you travel.

I look after the Steppes Travel website and help with the marketing of all the incredible places you really must find time to visit.

Uganda, Bwindi National Park, Gorilla portrait through trees
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

Half bird, half dinosaur

I’m in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Seconds earlier we had been bumping along the untarmacked road, red dust billowing out from beneath the trusty Land Cruiser’s tyres, this is Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park.

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Split Apple Rock Abel Tasman
Split Apple Rock, Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Kayaking with Sea Gods

The water tremors, turning opaque and a mushroom cloud rises, as if a wand, finishing a sequence of twists and turns has fired its spell onto the sea bed below. As the cloud of disturbed sand melts away, a stingray emerges, wriggling itself free from its hiding place it glides into the sandbanks, hugging the surfs edge. Hungry orca loom further out in the bay. He’d do well to stay in the shallows.

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See below some of my favourite travel experiences around the world.

Gorilla Hand Close Up, Bwindi Forest, Uganda

Gorilla Trekking

The very first time I saw a gorilla and realised they are the only animal that really stare at you.

Monkey, Ndali Lodge, Kibale

Monkeys of Uganda

Spot red colobus, L’Hoest’s and numerous other monkey species.

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Green and black butterfly perched on green leaf.

Malaysia’s Butterflies

Explore ‘the butterfly capital of the world’ with over 1,600 species – the UK has 65.

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Kayaking, Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Kayak in Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Kayak around Split Apple Rock in searching for marine life.

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