Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

A Long Weekend in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem



4 Days

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This four-day holiday provides inspiration for a perfect short break. Suitable for anybody that enjoys a complete change of culture in under five hours flying time from London. Experience the cosmopolitan and dynamic young city of Tel Aviv and the contrasting spirituality of historical Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Tel Aviv, Israel 1

Tel Aviv Beach Life

Only a century old, Tel Aviv is a young city in a country packed with ancient settlements. The city is well placed on the blue waters of the Med, so pack your swimmers.

Empty Alley, Old City, Jersualem, Israel 2

Lanes of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the oldest continually occupied cities in the world. Explore the city on foot or by bicycle, accessing hidden lanes and sites.

Cart of bread, Old Jerusalem, Israel 3

Israeli Food

Wander around the colourful markets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, mingle with the locals and shop.

Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, Israel 4


Visit The Church of the Nativity, which rests over the cave where Jesus was born.

Why we like it

Few cities in the world can offer such a depth of history and culture, as the Holy Land and the associated landmarks found throughout Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Visit soon to witness a real turning point with a youthful cultural awakening. In Israel, uncover a thriving artist’s community and many cafes in the old cobbled streets of Jaffna; Banksy artwork throughout Bethlehem; and the energy and excitement is audible in Tel Aviv, with a lifestyle comparable to New York or Paris. Here at Steppes Travel, we know how these cities work, and in association with the very best guides and esteemed locals, we can create an unforgettable and immersible 100 hours away from home.

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  • Day 1

    Tel Aviv

  • Day 2

    Tel Aviv - Jerusalem

  • Day 3

    Jerusalem - Bethlehem

  • Day 4

    Tel Aviv

Day 1

Tel Aviv

Old City, Tel Aviv, Israel

Only a century old, Tel Aviv is a young city in a country packed with ancient settlements.

Day 2

Tel Aviv - Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

Steeped in religion, fiercely disputed and rich in history; Jerusalem is one of the oldest continually occupied cities in the world.

Day 3

Jerusalem - Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, Israel

Great experience to visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Day 4

Tel Aviv

Our travel experts can tailor this itinerary to suit you.

More Details

Old Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Jaffa - A Must Do in Tel Aviv

No visit to Tel Aviv would be complete without visiting the ancient city of Jaffa, which is utterly unmissable. It is one of the oldest ports in the world and its history includes a gamut of colourful figures from ancient Pharaohs to Napoleon. The port of Jaffa is now more widely known for the Jaffa flea market and great fish restaurants found around the cobbled streets of this renovated area. Ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv are fascinating to tour together because of the contrasts. Visit the White City – a World Cultural Heritage site, and witness the outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century.

Tel Aviv is also a UNESCO world heritage site for its Bauhaus architecture – keep your eyes peeled throughout the city and get some background at the Bauhaus Centre. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, for which Roy Lichtenstein created a giant two-panel mural, is a must for all culture vultures.


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Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Play a Game of Matkot on the Beach

Looking out over the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, the city benefits from a relaxed beach vibe as well as a lively art and music scene. Tel Aviv’s entire coastline is made up of beaches. Each beach has something special. Witness the game of Matkot, played on the Israeli beaches since the 1920s. Similar to beach tennis, it is a popular paddle ball game, and even has a museum dedicated to this national beach sport!

Silhouette of Jewish people, Jerusalem, Israel
Empty Alley, Old City, Jersualem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Cycle the Hidden Lanes of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a highlight for most people when visiting Israel. Base yourself in a stylish boutique hotel within easy walking or cycling distance of the old city. Jerusalem is best seen on two wheels as the city awakens and the sun rises. Pedal through the ancient thoroughfares of this beautiful city and circumnavigate all of Jerusalem’s eight gates.

Further explore the various Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian Quarters with your expert guide who will unpeel the layers of history and provide an overview of what Jerusalem means to the three monotheistic religions.

Round off your day with sundowners in the lobby bar of the King David hotel overlooking the Old City walls. Enjoy the ambience of this storied hotel and hear the incredible history of this Jerusalem landmark.

Spices, Israel
Cart of bread, Old Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Goats Cheese, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Carmel Market, Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Eat Your Way Around Israel

Israeli food is, in essence, fusion food – a mix arising from the many different immigration waves into Israel from North Africa, Iran and Iraq, Eastern Europe, and even Latin America. Tel Aviv is also home to several wonderful markets which foodies will love to visit on a culinary tour. Tel Aviv’s most famous three foodie markets are the Carmel Market, which is a classic Israeli market selling fruit and veg, regional culinary specialities, and souvenirs; Levinsky Market, which is famous for its spices and teas; and Sarona Market which is a cutting edge, modern take on the traditional market. Great street food can also be found at traditional hummus houses and the Yemenite kitchens around the Carmel Market area. Be adventurous with street food and a must-try is the burekas at Levinsky market.

When in Jerusalem, wander around the colourful Mahane Yehuda Market, mingle with the locals and shop for all types of locally grown food.

Café Hafuch, is Israel’s answer to Cappuccino. In most places, you will receive the same coffee regardless of if you tell them Hafuch or Cappuccino, but these days you just say Hafuch, and you also make sure they make your Hafuch exactly as you want it.

Israeli Hummus is the best Hummus, and you use it as a universal spread or dip for various foods. For the best ice cream check out Anita, in Neve Tzedek.

Try Sabich – a fabulous Iraqi import, brought to the holy land by the mass of 1950s Iraqi immigrants. It consists of pitta brimming with fried aubergine, roasted egg, tahini, and spicy amba sauce. Great street food can also be found at traditional hummus houses and the Yemenite kitchens around the Carmel Market area.

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Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, Israel
Bethlehem, Israel

Into the West Bank

With travel restrictions lifted for some time now, a Jerusalem to Bethlehem day trip is a great way to immerse yourself in some historically fascinating sites. The compact size of the area makes it easy to explore several top-notch attractions including underground hideout used by Mary and Joseph and shepherds tending flocks. The real highlight of a day trip to Bethlehem is the quirky, chaotic, atmospheric mess that is the birthplace of Jesus.

Initially, your first impressions may not be so positive, as you pass the concrete walls and barbed wire, but once you are through this physical barrier, the welcome is incredibly warm. We highly recommend using a tour guide to help not only navigate the wall crossing but to show you some idiosyncrasies of the city, including the surprising amount of Banksy art on show and make your overall experience a whole less stressful.

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