You wish you were here

Despite being born in and having lived in Africa for many years, never have I witnessed such a thrilling sight so close and so dramatic.

After an eventful early morning game drive through Makgadikgadi it was time for a siesta, but little did I know what was awaiting for me in the next few moments. My chalet is built on a raised platform overlooking the Boteti river in the Makgadikgadi national park with stunning views all around me and so I decided to take a seat on the balcony with a glass of ice cold lime and lemon and enjoy the afternoon sun. Suddenly, there was a loud sound of stomping feet. Rousing a stirring sense of both fear and excitement, I suddenly became alert and less focused on my refreshing drink. Heart racing, sweat trickling down my cheek my mouth fell open and eyes wide at the sight before me. A dazzle of zebra, 40 strong, majestically galloped past me, rushing to the river for their afternoon drink. And to the left of them was a surprisingly quiet herd of wildebeest, kudu and one lone elephant, all vying to quench their thirst. In one swoop of exhilaration I was amongst the animals in their everyday lives, caught up in the herd, right in the action.

Once the flurry had calmed, birds calling and the rushing of the river was all that remained, along with the memory of a somewhat momentary yet incredibly memorable few minutes.

Jackie is currently in Botswana as Green Season approaches. In safari speak Green Season is a quieter time to visit, full of dramatic encounters. The desert bursts into life, birthing season begins, flocks of birds arrive and the parched savannah becomes lush and green. Visitor numbers drop during this time offering a more personalised experience, coupled with low seasons rates – this is one of the best times to be on a safari.