Nowruz, the Persian New Year began last weekend and has been celebrated in Greater Iran for over 3,000 years. It marks the first day of spring and a new beginning. So it is fitting that with restrictions now being lifted we shine a light on a country we have been championing for over 18 years. Also British Airways re-launch their direct service from London Heathrow (seventy years after being the first to offer scheduled flights into Tehran), so it really is a fantastic time to visit.

You can expect unparalleled Islamic architecture, romantic poets and a rich history but it is the warmth of the Persian people’s charming nature which will melt any preconceptions and your heart.

1. It is safe to travel to Iran

Iran has been demonised for decades, but nearly all people who travel there come home with their stereotypes completely changed, replaced by fond memories of gracious hosts and beautiful scenery. The British government has amended its FCO advice and considers the vast majority of the country safe for travellers

2. Hot for 2016

It’s hitting the news all over the world – go soon before the crowds get too big.

3. Hospitality

In Iran, the government is more conservative and religious but the people are very open. The key to understanding Iran is to meet and talk to local people – and that is easier than in most Middle Eastern countries. In any bazaar, at any cafe, people will be keen to talk to you. Walking through the bazaar allows you to see everyday life as families go about their business.

4. A fascinating history

The National Museum in Tehran is the ideal introduction to Iran’s long history. There’s pottery dating back to 7000 BC and an extraordinary range of ceramics, painted, and sometimes carved, with scorpions, snakes and fish. Around the corner, on a Sumerian tablet from the fourth millennium BC, there’s some of the oldest writing in the world. And around another one, there’s one of the oldest wheels in the world.

5. Architecture

Persepolis which dates from 515 BC is one of the world’s finest examples of ancient architecture and was declare a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. There is also unrivalled Islamic architecture in the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz.

6. Handicrafts

Given the heavy sanctions on the country for many years’ imports were rare and so huge emphasis remains on handicraft skills. Of particular note are those produced through weaving, metal and woodwork and exceptional stone and mosaics.

7. Food

Persian cuisine is delicious, with a huge variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. For those who enjoy their food, you will not be disappointed. From tasty, fresh street food to excellent local restaurants.

8. Affordable

A holiday to Iran is still reasonably priced however due to the increasing demand this won’t last long.

9. An authentic experience

Due to years of sanctions and low tourism numbers, Iran has not been affected by excessive tourism or commercialisation. What you see is truly what you get.

10. Relaxed Atmosphere

Despite the propaganda in the west Iran can’t be pigeon-holed. It has a wonderful atmosphere and exotic blend of paradox and contradiction.  In the west we are blinded by stereotypes and view Iran as monochrome and fundamental. Yes there is a degree of segregation but there is more freedom than you think. Young couples sitting together in coffee houses and restaurants, women driving, women travelling alone in taxis with male drivers. People are more than happy to pose for a photo and most homes have satellite TV available to them.

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