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Nouabale-Ndoki National Park

In the far north of the Congo, bordering CAR and Cameroon, covering an area of just under 4,000 sq km, Nouabale-Ndoki is perhaps the wildest and most remote region in the Congo.

Only accessible with a sturdy 4WD, patience and a sense of humour, a night in the forest towns and remote outpost’s en-route adds spice to the trip and strengthens resolve.

The rewards, however, are huge. Join dedicated wildlife researchers from the W.C.S as they play cat and mouse with lowland gorillas in ancient forests, where elephants, chimpanzees and bongo’s watch from the shadows.

Lowland Gorilla, Congo
Western lowland gorilla, Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo

A little more about Nouabale-Ndoki

Nouabale-Ndoki National Park was created in 1993 to conserve one of the last examples of true wilderness in Africa. It boasts over 300 bird species and 1,000 plant and tree species, including a rich diversity of enormous endangered mahoganies. Ndoki Park sits in the Republic of Congo sector of the Sangha Trinational Zone and provides integral protection to wildlife through a collaborative management program between the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Congolese Ministry of Forest Economy and the Environment (MEFE).

Journey through Forest, Congo
Republic of Congo

Why visit Nouabale-Ndoki

  • Join wildlife researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society following gorillas and elephants
  • Visit isolated riverside outposts and traditional B’Aka forest villages
  • Sleep in the forest and see what wanders through camp at night
  • Paddle (or walk) through flooded swamps in wooden pirogues.


What do you really love doing? We curate your itinerary especially for you.

Track Elephants and Gorillas

Experience thrilling encounters with lowland gorillas and forest elephants.

The Wildlife Conservation Society

Join wildlife researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society following gorillas and elephants.

Spend a night in the forest

Sleep in the forest and see what wanders through camp at night.

Discover Flooded Swamps

Paddle (or walk) through flooded swamps in wooden pirogues.

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Chris Johnston

25 years ago, my first trip to Africa took on a life of its own. I planned for three months, I stayed for two years. Whilst there, I was mistaken for a priest, attacked by sharks and arrested. Yet the countless, clattering journeys opened my eyes to the beauty of the landscapes and the grace of the people. My recent trips are undoubtedly more comfortable, but the welcome is as warm as ever and the best experiences are still those I never see coming.

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