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North Pole, Arctic

Voyage to the North Pole



14 Days

Prices Start from

£24,300 (ex. flights)

Suitable for

Couples Romantic/Honeymoon Adventure Traveller Solo Traveller Photographers

Travel on-board a state of the art nuclear-powered icebreaker to the top of the world on this North Pole voyage, joining the exclusive club of humans who have arrived at this iconic and little-visited destination.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Arctic North Pole 1

90 Degrees North

Travel by icebreaker to the iconic yet little visited North Pole.

Helicopter landings, North Pole, Arctic 2

Helicopter Flightseeing

Fly above the icebreaker and watch it progress through the frozen ocean.

Hot air balloon 3

North Pole Ballooning

View the top of the world from a tethered hot air balloon.

North Pole, Arctic 4

The 50 Years of Victory

Travel aboard the 50 Years of Victory, the largest icebreaker ever constructed.

Why we like it

The North Pole can only be reached by pushing through thick pack ice, metres thick in places; a challenging undertaking that very few vessels are capable of achieving. Travelling on an impressive icebreaker, cut through 2.5-metre-thick ice while voyaging to the North Pole. Live a moment on the Earth’s axis of rotation, take an infamous polar plunge and helicopter over the vessel on this truly remarkable adventure.

Explore our suggested itinerary

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Helsinki - Murmansk
  • Days 3-8
    Sail the Russian Arctic: Sailing to the North Pole
  • Day 8
    North Pole
  • Day 9
    Sail the Russian Arctic: Sailing Southbound
  • Day 10
    Sail the Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land
  • Days 11-12
    Sail the Russian Arctic: Sailing to Murmansk
  • Day 13
    Murmansk - Helsinki
  • Day 14
North Pole, Arctic
North Pole, Arctic

Arrive at 90 Degrees North

Arrive at the North Pole and revel in the sense of achievement. Some travellers mark the occasion by clasping a special memento, some wave their national flag and others hold makeshift signs created on the spot. It is also possible to take a unique hot air balloon flight to get a birds’ eye view of the top of the world.

Helicopter to the North Pole
Helicopter to the North Pole

Helicopter over Pack Ice

Watching the ship break through formidable pack ice that would defeat most ships is a memorable sight, and one that can only be appreciated during an exhilarating helicopter flight above the icebreaker.

Polar Plunge, North Pole
Polar Plunge, North Pole

Take a Polar Plunge

The most hardy travellers can utilise the holes created in the ice to plunge into the most exclusive swimming pool on earth. Nicknamed the polar plunge, this unique experience is commonly seen as a rite of passage for adventurous Arctic travellers. But look out for the polar bear, whales and seals that call this place home!

North Pole, Arctic
North Pole, Arctic

The 50 Years of Victory

Sail on the 50 Years of Victory, the most sophisticated and powerful icebreaker ever constructed and the first Arktika-class icebreaker to have a spoon-shaped bow. Due to the unpredictable nature of Arctic Ocean conditions, the journey time can vary considerably; it may take as long as eight days to reach the North Pole. This unpredictability heightens the sense of adventure that underlies all true expeditions.

Arctic Landscape
Arctic Landscape

Visit Franz Josef Land

Arrive at remote Franz Joseph Land, which was only discovered in 1865. An uninhabited Russian archipelago, it is made up of a series of vast flat-topped islands with steep cliffs that are home to a number of seabirds and surrounded by fast ice. Transfer ashore by helicopter and spend time hiking, beach-combing or admiring the local birdlife.

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Our adventure to the North Pole was everything we could have wished for and more. Sue made sure the logistics of our itinerary were seamless from start to finish.

Destination: North Pole
Travel Expert: Sue

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