The journey to the Great White Continent is certainly no mean feat. However, to really enhance your experience whilst you are there we recommend you take part in the following activities.

1. Kayaking

Paddling a kayak in polar waters gives a completely different perspective. Curious penguins often porpoise alongside, occasionally seals or even whales dive close to the kayak. The freedom of carving your own path through the chinking and crackling brash ice is amazing. All the expedition ships offer this during a cruise, for extended kayaking options try an Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp or Sailing in Antarctica.

2. Zodiac Cruising

Cruising in a small motorboat (zodiac) allows you to get near the shore and get close to marine life and icebergs. All cruises include this activity.

3. Diving and snorkelling

For passengers who find the polar plunge (quick dip) is not enough then snorkelling and diving is available on some departures towards the end of the season. The waters around Antarctica are generally crystal clear so ideal for underwater viewing. Just under the surface experience an array of underwater marine life such as crustaceans, isopods, starfish and nudibranchs. Viewing penguins underwater must be one of the most mesmerising experiences, their remarkable speed and mobility is like watching little torpedo’s.

4. Trekking

On all the voyages there is the opportunity to go onshore and stretch your legs. On most excursions there is a range of walks from the gentle wander to the more strenuous longer treks where you can get some height and great views. Snowshoes are provided on a number of ships to aid walking in deeper snow.

5. Camping

During a visit to Antarctica camp out for the night on the snow, a special and unique experience with penguins and seals for company. Not many people can say they have slept out on the seventh continent. It may not be the best night’s sleep but probably the most memorable.

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Author: Steppes Travel