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The best time to visit Uzbekistan

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is in spring, late March to May, and in autumn, September to early November. Summers here can be sweltering, with temperatures climbing to 37°C and winters can be freezing. Temperatures steadily climb in spring as the landscape begins to blossom, making this a wonderful time to explore. It is typically warm and dry in autumn, making it possible to enjoy the heat without it being uncomfortably hot.

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Visiting Uzbekistan in January

low season

January is one of the coldest months in Uzbekistan, however skies are bright and clear, offering a wonderful light by which to photograph magnificent mosques and minarets. With far fewer visitors, it is likely that you will have various sites to yourself – it can be a magical time to visit. Make sure to pack plenty of warm clothing and plenty of layers, particularly if visiting Samarkand and Tashkent.

Visiting Uzbekistan in February

low season

February is marginally warmer than January, with central towns and cities experiencing temperatures slightly above zero. In Tashkent, temperatures climb slightly during the day whereas in Samarkand this is less reliable. While this can be a wonderful time to explore without the crowds, make sure to pack plenty of warm clothing and plenty of layers. Tenez’s microclimate makes for milder temperatures and is the region’s only cave Buddhist monastery.

Visiting Uzbekistan in March

medium season

Temperatures start creeping towards high teens and early 20s in most parts of the county, making it a pleasant time to visit the country with relatively low visitor numbers. If you wish to trek to the desert regions, this is only possible from March-May and September-October. The first signs of spring start to show, with many species of wild flowers, famously red poppies and tulips, bringing the Tien Shan Mountains to life between the end of March and May. With Iranian origins, Navruz is a new year celebration held on 21st March every year. Meaning ‘new day’ in Iranian, it is a time of year when people celebrate renewal and rebirth.

Visiting Uzbekistan in April

high season

April is the start of the peak season in Uzbekistan as visitor numbers start to increase, but the main sites are generally still quite quiet. Visit the ancient city of Bukhara and explore Tashkent with clear skies, but there is a higher chance of rain in Samarkand. If you wish to trek to the desert regions, this is only possible from March-May and September-October.

Visiting Uzbekistan in May

high season

Temperatures continue to climb in May, but they are still fairly tolerable throughout much of Uzbekistan. May is a popular month to visit because of the pleasant daytime temperatures and clear skies. Sites and hotels are at their busiest, so make sure to book in advance. If you wish to trek to the desert regions, this is only possible from March-May and September-October. Locals gather for the Silk and Spices Festival to celebrate the country’s cultural heritage and traditional crafts and Boysun Bahori is a wonderful folklore festival in the Surkhandarya Province.

Visiting Uzbekistan in June

high season

June is a popular time to visit as temperatures are warm but not too hot, meaning hotels and sites are at their busiest. The weather can vary across Uzbekistan with some places being ideal for visiting while others are starting to feel the intense summer heat. For milder temperatures, visit the Samarkand region or the cities near the Amu Darya basin.

Visiting Uzbekistan in July

medium season

July is one of the hottest and driest months in Uzbekistan with temperatures normally reaching the mid to high 30s, although it has been known to hit 40°C and above. If you are visiting in July, sightseeing should be done early in the day or late in the afternoon. It can be quite uncomfortable visiting in this period, particularly with any long overland journeys.

Visiting Uzbekistan in August

medium season

Temperatures remain high in August, but they may start to drop by a few degrees in some regions. Tashkent, the southern border and the Samarkand region are in the select few. Avoid exploring outdoors in the peak hours of the day and seek refuge inside museums to avoid the oppressive heat.

Visiting Uzbekistan in September

high season

With the heat of the summer receding, September is a popular month to visit. Harvest time is now in progress, meaning markets are awash with fresh produce. Expect mid 20s celsius, making it more enjoyable to explore the country’s interesting old towns and Islamic architecture. Travel along the Silk Road in a caravan and visit Lake Aydar Kul to see countless yurts dotted along its shores. If you wish to trek to the desert regions, this is only possible from March-May and September-October. Independence Day celebrates the end of the Soviet rule on the 1st September every year, with feasts and festivals taking place across the country, with Alisher Navoiy National Park in Tashkent hosts a big event of music and fireworks.

Visiting Uzbekistan in October

high season

October is a wonderful time to visit Uzbekistan, but remember to pack some layers for the mornings and evenings. Temperatures range between 15°C and 24°C, ideal for exploring the Silk Road cities. Enjoy the kaleidoscope of bazaars and markets, awash with fresh produce. Mornings in Samarkand can be quite cold, but temperatures do rise during the day. With cooler temperatures, venture to the south to discover rice farms, orchards and cotton fields. If you wish to trek to the desert regions, this is only possible from March-May and September-October.

Visiting Uzbekistan in November

low season

Visiting Uzbekistan in November can be quite cold, but temperatures in the middle of the day can be reasonable. Skies are bright and clear, offering wonderful light by which to photograph and with far fewer visitors, it can be a magical time to visit. Dress warmly when exploring and venture further south for milder weather.

Visiting Uzbekistan in December

low season

Heavy showers and snowfall dominate Uzbekistan in December, making this a less than ideal time to visit.

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