Horses running on snow field in Inner Mongolia

The best time to visit Mongolia

The best time to visit Mongolia is from July to September. These summer months see the sun wash across the landscape to reveal its vibrant colours and dramatic details in perfect definition.

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Visiting Mongolia in January

Travel not recommended as temperatures can reach as low as -20C.

Visiting Mongolia in February

Whilst marginally warmer than January, travel is still not recommended, with temperatures reaching lows of -15C.

Visiting Mongolia in March

During the Winter months, travel is not recommended. March will experience average temperatures below freezing.

Visiting Mongolia in April

Spring finally starts to emerge during the sunny spells, but the wind can still make it feel wintry. Sunshine is intense but the weather is unpredictable.

Visiting Mongolia in May

Temperatures rise quickly, but there is still a chance of snowfall in the north. The countryside is lush and bursting with flowers.

Visiting Mongolia in June

Usually dry and warm in central and southern regions. Visitor numbers pick up, but it is a very good time to travel with long, warm days to explore.

Visiting Mongolia in July

The hottest month, with temperatures reaching 40°C in the south. There is also the highest chance of rain, because of the influence of the Chinese monsoon.

Visiting Mongolia in August

Peak season, as it ties in with school holidays. Temperatures remain warm in the north, and hot in the Gobi.

Visiting Mongolia in September

The country quietens down, and it can be a very pleasant time to visit. Temperatures generally remain mild in the north and warm in the south. Towards the end of the month, the weather starts to become more unpredictable.

Visiting Mongolia in October

Temperatures drop rapidly, with some snow potentially up north. It is a good time to explore the Gobi desert as it could be warmer, but the weather is unpredictable.

Visiting Mongolia in November

November marks the beginning of Winter with temperatures across the country averaging somewhere below freezing, so travel is generally not recommended.

Visiting Mongolia in December

Travel to Mongolia is not recommended during the Winter months. December will see temperatures reaching lows of -20°C.

Mongolia climate guide

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