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Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Thermal Hotel £££££

  • Madagascar

The Thermal Hotel is the newest lodge in Ranomafana, having been completely refurbished. It benefits from its location in the centre of town – perfect for those who like to explore. The 21 rooms are split into three large blocks, and whilst the size of the buildings makes the interiors seem a little empty, the rooms are very clean and comfortable, with pine panels lending the place a decidedly wood-cabin feel. The restaurant is excellent and many people come here from outside the hotel to eat. What it lacks in atmosphere, it more than makes up for in service, food and efficiency.

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Setam Lodge £££££

  • Madagascar
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Setam Lodge is at the entrance of Ranomafana National Park and makes the most of its location, with each of the spotless, but simple chalets, taking advantage of the fantastic views over the forested river valley over which it looks. Given the lodge’s fairly remote location, the food is surprisingly good and the restaurant is large enough to create a great atmosphere but small enough so that you quickly befriend the brilliant staff. Walks from the lodge into the park offer a chance to spot rare lemur species, including the golden bamboo lemur. The great setting and lovely views make this one of the best options in the region.

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