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Often called the Hermit Kingdom due to its self-imposed isolation, North Korea is still a must, if only for its unique position in the world. It remains practically untouched by tourism and, as such, its sheer seclusion makes it one of the most mysterious countries in the world.

  • Mingle with the locals in Moranbang Park in Pyongyang, where families picnic and sometimes perform on covered stages
  • Visit a centre for gifted children, studying subjects including Taekwondo, harp playing, calligraphy, music and gymnastics.
  • Visit the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) at Panmunjom, the most heavily fortified border in the world
  • Travel by train to Beijing, China
  • Amidst the mountains of Mt Myohyang, visit Pohyon Buddhist temple, a working temple dating back more than 1000 years.

This trip encompasses the very best North Korea has to offer and is a wonderful introduction to this fascinating and secretive country. It also includes some time in the Chinese Capital of Beijing.

For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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Itinerary at a glance

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Day 1

Fly London to Beijing overnight

Afternoon Briefing
Have an afternoon briefing with our North Korean partners and get an overview of the tour, before it begins.

Beijing is China's capital, and a city of epic proportions. It is a cauldron of history, culture and enterprise. Offering a feast of elaborate and ambitious architecture, world famous landmarks, and culinary delights.

You will be staying at Beijing Sunworld Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Day 2

Fly Beijing to Pyongyang

Capital of North Korea and completely destroyed during the Korean War, Pyongyang has come to be a physical manifestation of its rulers' soviet ideals. Presented with a blank slate after the city's annihilation at the hands of the UN forces, the Korean Workers' Party fashioned a grandiose, yet impersonal city, glorifying the Juche philosophy.

Many landmarks commemorate the rule of Kim Il-sung, North Korea's 'Eternal President', but the city's most imposing structure is the eerie unfinished Ryugyong Hotel. A monolithic pyramid, this construction's 105 storeys make it visible from anywhere in the city.

Late Afternoon Trip to See the Arch of Triumph and Fountain Park
In the late afternoon, embark on a tour of various sites in the city. Begin at the Arch of Triumph, erected in 1982 to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kim Il-jung. Built from 25,500 blocks of white granite, each one represents a day of the Korean leader's life.
Afterwards, take walk through Fountain Park. One of the more relaxed places in Pyongyang, it is here that many newly-wed couples come to have their pictures taken amongst the white alabaster statues.

You will be staying at Yanggakdo Hotel, Full board

Day 3

Full Day City Tour
Begin with a visit to the Grand People's Study House, a traditionally-designed building that can house up to 30 million books. Continue to the Mansudae Grand Monument, which comprises a huge statues of the country's leaders, flanked by memorials remembering the Korean War and anti-Japanese struggle.

Afterwards, head to Juche Tower, which gives panoramic views of the city and is named after the guiding isolationist ideology of the DPRK.

Stroll across Kim Il-sung Square and finish with a trip to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum to learn about the effect that the Korean War had on the country. Here, see the captured American spy ship, the USS Pueblo, which was seized by the North Koreans in 1968.

You will be staying at Yanggakdo Hotel, Full board

Day 4

Day Trip to Visit Myohyang-san and a Children's Palace
Drive to the sacred Mount Myohyang, which is approximately two hours away. Meaning 'mysterious fragrant mountain', this was once the home of King Tangun, the legendary founder of the first Korean kingdom.

Here, visit the grandiose International Friendship Exhibition, which holds an eclectic mix of gifts given to Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il by foreign dignitaries. Largely from fellow socialist or communist leaders, the gifts include a bullet proof limousine from Stalin and lavish train cars from Mao Zedong.

Return to Pyongyang via a Children's Palace, an educational institution of sorts where the children from the privileged elite learn extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance and music. Watch the children perform with military-like precision.

You will be staying at Yanggakdo Hotel, Full board

Day 5

Half Day Visit to Kumsusan Palace and Martyrs' Cemetery
Head to Kumsusan Palace, Kim Il-sung's residence both in life and death. Now his mausoleum and considered a shrine by North Koreans, Kim Il-sung's embalmed body still lies in state on the palace's uppermost floor. This is an incredibly eerie complex, with a vast square lying in front of it. (A dress code is enforced, meaning shirts and ties for men.)

Continue to the Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, located on Mount Taesong in Pyongyang. Containing the graves of North Korean revolutionaries who died during the fight against Japanese occupation, the highlight is a bust of Kim Jong-il's mother, who fought as an anti-Japanese guerrilla.

Ride on the Metro and Visit Mangyondae House
Take a ride on the iconic Pyongyang Metro, inspired by the grandeur of Moscow's metro network, as well as others. The stations are elaborately decorated with Socialist realist art, and illustrate the DPRK's liberation and socialist construction.
Continue on foot to Moran Hill and visit the preserved Mangyondae House, a traditional Korean home and the birthplace of Kim Il-sung.

Drive from Pyongyang to Kaesong

Leave Pyongyang and travel to Kaesong. The journey will take approximately two and a half hours.

The only city to change hands during the Korean War, Kaesong is located close to the DMZ. The capital of Korea during the Koryo Dynasty, the city was trade centre that prospered through the production of Korean ginseng.

More recently the city has become famous for its nearby special economic zone, known as the 'Kaesong Industrial Complex'.

This complex is run by a number of large South Korean companies and employs around 50,000 North Korean workers; it is a unique example of co-operation between the two countries.

You will be staying at Kaesong Folk Hotel, Full board

Day 6

Drive from Kaesong to Nampo via DMZ

Depart Kaesong and travel to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) at Panmunjon. The most heavily fortified border in the world, the DMZ has separated the two Koreas since the armistice agreement was signed in 1953. Seoul, the South Korean capital, lies just 70 kilometres south of the DMZ

Listen as the Korean People's Army explain their view of the division of the Korean peninsula, before visiting the hall where the armistice talks were held and the agreement signed. Here, it is possible to cross the border, since the building straddles the demarcation line.

Afterwards, see the heavily fortified Concrete Wall and look across the overgrown no-man's land.

Drive on to Nampo, around two hours away, via the Tomb of King Kongmin and Kuwol Mountain.

North Korea's second city and the country's commercial hub, Nampo sits on the bank of the Taedong River Estuary, downstream from Pyongyang. Although historical sites dot the area surrounding the city, Nampo itself is an industrial place that is more famous for its factories than its heritage.

Originally a small fishing village, the city became a major port for foreign trade in the late 19th century and rapidly grew into an industrial centre after the end of World War II. The gargantuan West Sea Barrage is the most impressive result of this drive to industrialise.

You will be staying at Ryonggang Hot Spring Hotel, Full board

Day 7

Drive from Nampo to Pyongyang via Kangso Tombs and West Sea Barrage

Depart Nampo and travel to the nearby Kangso Tombs, dating back to the time of the ancient kingdom of Koguryo. A UNESCO heritage site, the complex consists of 30 individual tombs and showcases the burial customs of the Koguryo culture.

As many as 10,000 Koguryo tombs are thought to dot the Korean Peninsula and parts of China, but the Kangso Tombs are particularly notable for the painted murals that decorated the inside.

Afterwards, continue on to Pyongyang via the West Sea Barrage, a vast concrete dam at the mouth of the Taedong River. The journey will take approximately 90 minutes.

You will be staying at Yanggakdo Hotel, Full board

Day 8

Half Day Visit to the Korean Central Art Gallery and Film Studio
Explore the Korean Central Art Gallery and Mansudae Art Studio, which together exhibit a range of ancient and modern works, including painting, woodcuts and crafts.

Afterwards, continue to the Pyongyang Film Studio, where it is possible to walk amongst the film sets. Containing mocked-up versions of 'western' buildings, many of these sets appear bizarre to outsiders.

Spend Half a Day Exploring a North Korean Hospital and School
Delve further into North Korean life with a visit to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and a local secondary school.

You will be staying at Yanggakdo Hotel, Full board

Day 10

Take a Train from Pyongyang to Beijing

Depart by train for Beijing, crossing the Korean border at Sinuiju. The train is overnight and departs at approximately 10am in the morning.

After passing through Customs and Immigration at Dandong on the Chinese border, continue to Beijing, arriving early the following morning.

Day 11

Day at Leisure
Have the day at leisure in Beijing.

You will be staying at Beijing Sunworld Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Day 12

Fly Beijing to London

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For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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