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Why we like Myanmar holidays

Steppes Travel have been crafting and designing Myanmar holidays for over 20 years, making us one of the UK's most knowledgeable and experienced companies when it comes to travelling to Myanmar.

Despite having endured years of isolation and dictatorial rule, the people of Myanmar have retained a gentleness and charm that many nations would do well to emulate. There is still an innocence that has not been corrupted by western ideals and the remote tribal areas, which are now opening up, are a vanishing example of times gone by.



  • Take to the air in a hot air balloon for an aerial view of the city at dawn
  • Take the journey from Bagan to Mandalay by boat
  • Lose the crowds at sunset and find your very own pagoda for an exclusive viewing
Fishermen Inle Lake

Inle Lake

  • Explore the floating villages and five-day market on Inle Lake by slow boat
  • Travel with like-minded people on our expert-led group tour
  • Meet local people


Irrawaddy river

River and Ocean Cruising

Fisherman Li river

Beyond the Ordinary

  • Live for a day in a remote Pa O village accompanied by your private guide
  • Travel through Shan state in a 4WD
  • Journey into the remote Mergui archipelago for a stay at Wa Ale Island Resort


What to expect on your Myanmar holiday

The current popularity of holidays to Burma has stretched the infrastructure to breaking point and we cannot stress enough the importance of booking well ahead. Hotels are few and far between and the good ones are even more scarce - hence if comfort is important, start talking to us a year before you plan to visit Burma on holiday.

Once in Myanmar, you might be surprised to find delicious food and, in many places, good hotels. The road system is fragmented making the surprisingly good internal airline the transportation method of choice, although modern luxury riverboats are also providing a relaxed and comfortable way of visiting other areas. Where road travel is essential 4x4s are available.

We have never met anyone who has not returned from their holiday in Myanmar with the fondest memories.

Our Myanmar holiday experts

Paul has been creating Myanmar holidays for many years – he first travelled to Myanmar twenty years ago and most recently he took a family holiday to Burma.

Advice from our Burma Expert

“Myanmar, or Burma as it was once known, is a country full of surprises. Scratch a little below the surface with our help and discover little-visited hill tribes, unspoilt beaches, rickety railways, hidden temples, sleepy waterways, and a country emerging into the 21st Century. ”

Paul Craven| Steppes Travel Myanmar Expert

Myanmar FAQs

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Is the country now safe to travel around?

Having only recently opened its doors to the western traveller, Myanmar is one of the safest places to travel in Asia. Having been closed off to the outside world for so long, its people are genuinely pleased to share their country.

It is more likely you will be chased down the road for leaving your wallet behind rather than falling foul of a pick-pocket however we always advise caution wherever you are in the world.

Does Myanmar have good hotels and road transportation?
You might be surprised to find a handful of very good hotels. Although Myanmar doesn’t claim to be competing in the luxury hotel market there are a number of new hotels springing up in the cities and Inle Lake. Be prepared for a more modest offering in the hill villages. The road system is fragmented making the surprisingly good internal airline the transportation of choice, although modern luxury river boats are also providing a relaxed and comfortable way of visiting other areas. Where road travel in remote regions is essential 4x4s are available.
Must I book a holiday to Myanmar in advance?

The current popularity of Burma holidays has stretched the infrastructure to breaking point and we cannot stress enough the importance of booking well ahead. Hotels are few and far between and the good ones are even more scarce - hence if comfort is important, start talking to us a year before you plan to visit Burma on holiday.

Do I need any immunisations or malaria tablets?

The best person to speak to is your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner as the advice can change. Malaria is not present in Yangon and Mandalay, although it is throughout the rest of the country.

Is there a dress code I should follow?

When visiting monasteries and pagodas, there is a strict dress code. Bare shoulders and legs should be covered up, and shoes must always be removed so bringing a bag with you to put them in is a good idea as it may take a while to find them again! For women, a shawl is a great for covering up shoulders and arms.

During the hotter days when touring, loose shirts and trousers/skirts are ideal, although in Yangon which is more up to date with the western world, skirts below or on the knee are acceptable and now replacing the traditional Longyi by some younger women.

Will my mobile phone work in Myanmar?

Myanmar currently has no international roaming agreements with any other country so your mobile phone won’t work. It is possible to purchase a pre-paid SIM card for USD $50 that will allow you to keep in touch with friends and family. There is also WIFI at many hotels but this should not be relied upon as it can be rather intermittent.

What can I do to make sure my money does not all go to the Government and large businesses?

It is hard to ensure that all of your money does not go to the Burmese Government or larger businesses. Eating at locally run boutique restaurants and shopping at local markets is a good way to start, and talking to locals is a great way to find out if you are looking for something specific.

Remember to shop around as well – paintings that can be bought in local markets go for more than double the price in some of luxury hotel galleries.


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Monks, Myanmar

Hatchards Burma Past, Present & Future

Hatchards are hosting a literary event at their flagship Piccadilly store for three evenings of talks, films and Q&A's from Tuesday 19 March. 
Steppes Travel are looking forward to attending this event, which will bring together world class writers, filmmakers and artists to discuss their thoughts on Burma's past, present and its future. Listen to U Thant Myint U - Myanmar's leading public historian in conversation with Rory Stewart MP OBE, Ma Thida - a human rights activist and Vicky Bowman, former UK Ambassador to Myanmar who still lives in Yangon with her husband, himself a former political prisoner. A highlight of this event will be a Q&A hosted by Dan Snow focusing on the 'Forgotten Army' of WWII and a documentary film - We Were Kings. The story of Burma's lost royals, introduced by the films director Alex Bescoby. 
Local Snacks, Myanmar

Michelin Star Chef opens new restaurant in Yangon

Whilst in town dine at the new Seeds Restaurant as a guest of Steppes Travel - on us.
A romantic, contemporary fine dining experience on a lakeside in the heart of the city. Opening early 2017 be one of the first to try the exquisite food, crafted by European Michelin chef Felix Eppisser.
Ox Carts, Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Visit Ngapali Beach in Myanmar

The sleepy beach resorts in Myanmar compliment a cultural itinerary perfectly.
Be inspired by our ideas for well paced holidays to Myanmar. Take time out at Ngapali Beach, all to often overlooked on classic itineraries.
Local Villagers, Shan State, Myanmar

Support Myanmar Tourism

"Most local cottage industries were dying. Now that tourism is booming, these cottage industries have become alive, especially lacquer ware, earthen wares, wood carving, tapestry, parasol making, hand weaving." - Mr Nyi Nyi Naing , Guide  
Lady Weaving, Myanmar

Trail of the Ancestors Trek

Learn about the legends of the longneck women. Visit Kasae Kum village where the Kayah women still wear the rings around their neck. Continue onto trek with a local who will tell stories of their ancestors, belief in spirits, use of herbal medicines and the totem pole.

Client Reviews

Local Villagers, Shan State, Myanmar
"A pleasure to deal with Joe. 
Efficient, helpful, knowledgable and fun! We enjoyed all our guides who were knowledgable and always punctual and very helpful."

Sheila Brown

Monestry Shop, Myanmar
"It was a very enjoyable experience in a fascinating country. 
All our guides were high standard and keen to help us enjoy everything and they were prepared to alter plans to suit us."

Jennifer Collins

Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar
"I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the pre-trip information and...
... Joe was very good at both listening to and following up on our wishes as to what we expected from this journey to a country we had never before visited. Altogether an excellent journey where everything functioned very well."

Lise Hannestad

Tribal Lady, Palaung, Shan State, Myanmar
"Outstandingly good! 
Our trip was greatly enhanced by the exceptional quality of all the guides assigned to us. Their care and management and input to our experience was exceptional."

Susan Lines

Local Snacks, Myanmar
"It is not just the knowledge/expertise of the Travel Expert but...
...also the understanding of our requirements that makes us use Steppes."

Mark Fordham

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