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Classic Turkey



10 Days

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Providing a balance of fascinating history, unique culture, striking landscapes and delicious cuisine, this holiday idea to Turkey offers the perfect combination for the most memorable holiday.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey 1

Discover Istanbul

Discover the very heart of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires.

Trojan Horse, Troy, Turkey 2

Visit Ancient Troy

Explore the ancient city of Troy and see the replica of the wooden Trojan Horse.

Travertine Pools and Terraces, Pamukkale, Turkey 3

Explore Pamukkale

Visit the snow-white terraces formed by thermal waters cascading down the hillside.

Cappadocia, Turkey 4

Stay in Cappadocia

Explore the unique land of fairy chimneys and underground cities.

Why we like it

This incredibly varied holiday idea provides you with an experience of some of Turkey’s best and classic sites. We have designed the trip for those keen to experience a fascinating history, unique culture, striking landscapes and delicious cuisine. With our warm, hospitable and extremely knowledgeable guide, you discover the very heart of the Ottoman Empire.

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  • Days 1-3


  • Day 4

    Istanbul - Canakkale

  • Day 5

    Canakkale - Izmir

  • Day 6

    Izmir - Pamukkale

  • Day 7

    Pamukkale - Konya

  • Day 8

    Konya - Cappadocia

  • Day 9


  • Day 10

    Cappadocia - Istanbul

Days 1-3


Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Discover the very heart of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires.

Day 4

Istanbul - Canakkale

Day 5

Canakkale - Izmir

Gallipoli, Turkey

Discover the history of the Gallipoli Peninsula battlefields, set amongst pine forests and fringed by idyllic beaches and coves.

Day 6

Izmir - Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey

Visit the snow-white terraces formed by thermal waters cascading down the hillside.

Day 7

Pamukkale - Konya

Day 8

Konya - Cappadocia

Goreme Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey

Fly from Konya to  Cappadocia, your base for travel over the next few days.

Day 9


Explore the unique land of fairy chimneys and underground cities.

Day 10

Cappadocia - Istanbul

Our travel experts can tailor this itinerary to suit you.

More Details

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Where East Meets West in Istanbul

Straddling the Bosporus, Istanbul is a transcontinental city, so from the art and architecture to the food and customs, you can expect a melting pot of influences and flavours. Moreover, with its heritage at the heart of two great empires, the Ottoman and Byzantine, the city is a dream for lovers of splendid palaces, opulent buildings and the religious and political history behind them. We take you on a unique journey to discover the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Visit the lavishly decorated Topkapi Palace, haggle with vendors for magnificent carpets at the Grand Bazaar.  Marvel at the past glories of the Haghia Sophia, take a ferry trip along the Bosporus and relax at the end of the day in a traditional Hamman.

Pergamon, Canakkale, Turkey
Canakkale, Turkey

A Magical Journey from Gallipoli to Izmir

You are driven by your expert guide to Gallipoli to visit Anzac Cove, the Lone Pine Cemetery and the Turkish Memorial. Continue by ferry to Canakkale, before visiting Troy and the replica of the wooden Trojan Horse. Before reaching the Pearl of the Aegean Sea, Izmir, stop en route at the hauntingly beautiful Pergamon, including a visit to the Acropolis and Asklepion. Being accompanied by our specialist guide brings your experience to life and puts much of what you see on your journey into context.

Ephesus Library, Ephesus, Turkey
Ephesus, Turkey

A Wonder of the Ancient World

Ephesus, famous for its Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. During the years of the Roman Empire, the Greek port of Ephesus became the greatest city in Asia Minor. This is a magnificent site which mustn’t be missed on a visit to Turkey.

Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale - The Cotton Palace

Pamukkale, “the Cotton Palace” is quite an extraordinary site that you will visit on your journey. Its snow-white terraces formed by thermal waters cascade down the hillside. Translated as ‘Cotton Palace’, Pamukkale is the Turkish name for the hill upon which the city of Hierapolis was built. Famous for the bright white mineral deposits that cover it, the site is now protected by law. A village that shares the same name is located adjacent to the site and, although a tiny place, it offers great views of the calcite shelves. Within the village, there is the opportunity to buy some of the region’s famous cotton and homewares.

Hot Air Balloons, Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey

Spectacular Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a unique moonscape, where erosion has formed caves, clefts, fairy chimney’s and folds in the soft rock and, in turn, shelter, churches and tombs carved out or hidden underground. Stay in a luxurious cave hotel, set amongst these ancient dwellings, and use it as a base from which to explore this amazing area. Visit Kaymakli underground city, Devrent Imagination Valley and Goreme Open Air Museum, with the greatest concentration of rock-cut chapels and monasteries in Cappadocia.

A note on price

Prices will vary depending on the time of year you are travelling. Prices do not include international flights. Please ask one of our Travel Experts for an accurate quote. Flights purchased through Steppes Travel departing from the UK are ATOL protected.

This Itinerary
From $3,341 Per person

When to travel

Turkey in January

Temperatures can be as low as -9.C in some regions of Turkey, with snowfall likely. During the months of January and February, the country can be less crowded, although visiting the cities is a more popular option than coastal regions.

Turkey in February

February will be marginally warmer than January, with the climate varying according to the region, due to the country’s sheer size. Some regions of Turkey will experience temperatures as low as 3.C, whereas other areas can see temperatures averaging 14.C.

Turkey in March

Certain regions of Turkey will experience many days of rainfall, particularly on the south west coast. During springtime in Turkey, temperatures will be ideal for sightseeing in the big cities and with less crowds than in the months to come.

Turkey in April

Springtime is an excellent month to travel to Turkey with temperatures in their low 20s on the south coast and longer days of sunshine, however it should be noted that in northern regions during April, they may experience more rainfall and cooler temperatures.

Turkey in May

As spring draws to a close and the signs of summer begin, temperatures will continue to rise and yet be quieter than July and August, when many choose to visit on their summer holidays both to coastal destinations and the country’s top cities, including Istanbul.

Turkey in June

On the Mediterranean coast, June will experience higher levels of humidity with warmer, temperatures and long days of sunshine. It will start to get busier at coastal resorts as the temperatures start to rise.

Turkey in July

During the summer months, temperatures are high and most of Turkey’s regions will experience long, dry days of very little rain. The cities, including Istanbul, will be quieter as the summer is a popular time to visit coastal resorts.

Turkey in August

Like any Mediterranean destination during the summer, Turkey will experience high temperatures, ideal for a summer holiday by the coast. If sightseeing in Turkey’s cities however, it may be less comfortable for some.

Turkey in September

The Autumn months in Turkey will experience marginally cooler temperatures than those of July and August, however, will still be in the mid to high 20s, with minimal rainfall.

Turkey in October

Whilst during the day, temperatures will be in the mid-20s, the evenings will be much cooler. Humidity levels will be much lower than the peak summer months but as Autumn continues, rainfall will be more frequent.

Turkey in November

With the cooler climate throughout Turkey, it means that there will be fewer tourists travelling to the country. Winter will have begun in Eastern regions, even experiencing the first signs of snow, yet some coastal destinations will still see highs of 25°C.

Turkey in December

In certain regions of Turkey during the winter months, particularly in mountainous areas and Eastern Turkey, temperatures can fall below zero and snowfall is likely.

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