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We have been organising holidays to Georgia for almost twenty years now and our travel experts have visited many times. They can attest that a holiday to Georgia works really well when combined with neighbouring countries Armenia or Azerbaijan.

Why we like Georgia

Georgia is an absolute gem of a country. The food is excellent, music and poetry play an important role for every family and the people are unbelievably hospitable, kind and full of fun. 

What to expect on your Georgia holiday

In winter, the jagged alpine peaks are deep with snow and offer miles of virgin, Swiss run, heli-skiing from comfortable mountain hotels. In spring the slopes become a riot of wild flowers, while in summer the high passes remain a vivid green offering some excellent trekking into remote valleys, often unspoilt by cars, where an almost medieval atmosphere prevails. Lower down, the terrain and the atmosphere are more Italianesque. The summers are hot, there are huge vineyards, isolated rural communities and yet everywhere there is a sense of history and culture. Many of the Orthodox churches date from the 10th and 11th centuries and it is not unusual to find original unrestored frescoes on the walls. Food and wine are excellent but above all it is the Georgians themselves who are such fun.

accommodation in Georgia

Hotels range from large multinational resorts in the capital to simple, clean, family-run pensions with all kinds of categories in between. Hotels are now available in most locations and these tend to be the preferred choice of travellers as there are more facilities on offer. Five star hotels can only be found in Tbilisi, Borjomi and Batumi. Some good four-star hotels offer bags of character, such as Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. In more remote locations perhaps consider a locally run guesthouse to experience local living. The reason to visit Georgia the country, accommodation is clean and comfortable but not the focus of a trip there. We recommend going to Georgia now before it is discovered by the rest of the world.

Some ideas for a Georgia holiday

  • Stroll through Tbilisi’s old streets where colourful 19th century houses with wooden balconies are strangely reminiscent of New Orleans.
  • Visit the National Museum in Tbilisi with its collection of pre-Christian gold and silver.
  • Travel up along the Georgian Military Highway towards Mount Kazbegi.
  • Visit Svaneti to see its medieval fortified stone towers and stay at Ushguli, the highest inhabited village in Europe.
  • Explore the ancient religious cave cities of Vardzia and Uplishtikhe that saved thousands of Christians from persecution.
  • Stay with a Georgian family and enjoy home cooked food and Georgian wine.

Georgia FAQs

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Is a visa required for travel to Georgia?
British passport holders can enter and stay in Georgia for 90 days without a visa. Other nationalities may vary so please ask us for more information. 
When is the best time to travel to Georgia?
As a general rule, Spring and Autumn from March to May and September and October when temperatures are pleasant and the scenery at its most magical. The mountainous regions of the country are best visited between mid April and the end of September when mountain passes are accessible.
What is the typical food in Georgia?

Georgia is a real paradise for vegetarians with its varieties of richly seasoned vegetable dishes. Meat & poultry are also very much on the menu. 
What clothes should I take to Georgia?

We recommend you to bring a good fleece and a waterproof jacket as the weather can be quite changeable in the mountains and the evenings are generally chilly. Layers and zip-off trousers also tend to work well for most destinations. 
Is Georgia safe?

Georgia is similar to most European countries, one should be aware of any elementary safety matters such as not to leave valuables unattended, etc. One should remember that crowds anywhere, but especially on public transport and at flea markets, provide bad guys (pickpockets & thieves) with plenty of targets, opportunities, and easy escape routes. Be aware of the pitfalls of travelling, but relax and have fun. Limit vulnerability rather than travels!
Is there a dress code I should follow?

Some churches have modest-dress requirements for men and women: no shorts or bare shoulders and women should cover their heads, so pack a scarf.
Can I pay using US dollars, Euros or Sterling?
NO - Restaurants and shops will only accept Georgian Lari. Exchange facilities exist for $ € £.
ATM machines are only available in Tbilisi and other major cities.
Travellers cheques NOT advisable.

Will my mobile phone work?

Georgia has an excellent mobile network, but be warned, it is very expensive to use a foreign mobile phone for calls and data. Free Wifi is available at most places in Tbilisi and most hotels throughout Georgia also offer Wifi. 


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Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure through Georgia

Screening on Wednesday 12th September at 9pm ITV the new four-part series follows Joanna Lumley’s journey through the epic 7000-mile route of the legendary Silk Route which depicts the footsteps of the merchants, conquerors, kings and pilgrims who once lived and died along this network connecting East to West – China to Europe.

The second series will be shown on the 19th September where Joanna will experience the newest architecture of Azerbaijan, fabulously beautiful Caucasus Mountains of Georgia and the Kyzylkum desert of Uzbekistan.

Throwing Grapes, Grape Harvesting, Kakheti, Georgia

World's oldest wine found in Georgia

Winemaking is deeply rooted in Georgian culture and there are currently over 500 local grape varieties found in the country. Fragments of 8,000-year-old open-mouthed pottery jars, similar to the qvevri jars which are still used today, have recently been found at the site of a Neolithic village. Located around 50 miles south of the capital city of Tbilisi the jars, the oldest of which dates back to around 5,980 BC contain traces of wine and bear decorative images of grapes and a man dancing. The earliest previous findings of wine were found in Iran and dated back to 7,000 years ago.
The Neolithic period was a pivotal time when humans were learning the skills to become self-sufficient through farming and crop growing so this adds to the ongoing findings from this period. It is the earliest example of grape growing for the production of wine and the methods appear to have changed little from those still used today when the grapes are crushed and the fruit, stems and seeds all fermented together. Explore the cultures and traditions of Georgian food and wine on an 8 days trip.
White Tailed Eagle, Norway

Raptor Conservation in Georgia

Large numbers of migrating raptors pass through Georgia every year.
Home to one of the biggest bottlenecks in the world, the Batumi Flyway, more than one million birds-of-prey pass through Georgia annually. This crucial migratory corridor is located along the mountainous Black Sea Coast and is an important ornithologist area. Alexander Rukhaia of Georgia recently won a Whitley Award for safeguarding these birds-of-prey on their migratory journey. The birds are at risk from illegal hunting for both food and leisure. 

Client Reviews

Caucasus Mountain Landscape, Sioni Village, Kazbegi, Georgian Military Highway, Georgia

"The Tour Leader was excellent.

He provided a wealth of background information and insights, and was a wonderful travelling companion"

Judith Mellor

Green Sameba Trinity Church, Gergeti Village, Kazbegi, Georgian Military Highway, Georgia
"A big thank you to Paul
for sorting everything out for us" (Botany trip)

Pietro Roseo

Armenia & Georgia
Home-made pine tree cones jam, specialty of Borjomi, Georgia
"Paul Craven planned an excellent trip and our local guide and driver were both incredible"

Lucas Bertolo

Armenia and Georgia
Georgia left a long lasting impression on Joanna Lumley during her recent whirlwind travels along the historical Silk Road. Read her comments  when asked to recommend her favourite place on the Silk Road.

“I might pick Georgia. I might say, fly to Tbilisi. You don’t need a visa. You can fly straight to Tbilisi, which is one of the most sensational, slightly shabby, fabulous cities. Unbelievably beautiful, built on a hill, great avenues and trees. I saw the most unbelievable Georgian dance group. They were amazing and will just break your heart, as you’ll see in the series. They also have excellent food. And, not a very long journey there, you’re up in the Caucasus Mountains and you think, “I can’t believe this is so beautiful.” It’s like Switzerland before it became Switzerland. Utterly wild and fabulously beautiful. The Svenetti Range (sic) and everything. So I’d say go to Georgia and go to Tbilisi.”


Joanna Lumley

Georgia on her recent Silk Route Adventure as seen on ITV
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