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Both Illona and Bridget are totally captivated by Ethiopia. After heaven knows how many visits to Ethiopia, they can confidently steer you through the right choice of accommodation, itinerary and length of stay.

Why we like Ethiopia

Ethiopia's landscape is magnificent, the people incredibly welcoming and the sense of history tangible. The old decorative art in the churches, the castles at Gondor, the rock-cut churches at Lalibela and the 1,700-year-old monolithic stelae at Axum are all inspiring. Ethiopia is fascinating, both historically and culturally, a magical country to visit.

The focus of most holidays to Ethiopia is on the natural world, and there are parts of the country to delight any nature lover. The wildlife is truly unique with Ethiopian wolves, Gelada baboons and Walia ibex to be found in the Simien and Bale Mountains. A good starting point is our Highlights of Ethiopia itinerary.

What to expect on your Ethiopia Holiday

If spas, luxury hotels and fine food are high on your list of priorities, then Ethiopia is probably not for you. The standard of accommodation has improved with the emergence of a few new and exciting properties, but a holiday to Ethiopia is about what surrounds you rather than the luxuries in life.

What you will find is a safe, delightfully friendly country of dignified people. A country that will smash all your preconceived ideas. Ethiopia is one of the most unusual countries in Africa, complete with myth, wonder, relics and stories of emperors and queens. It is said to be home to the Ark of the Covenant and Harar is the fourth most important haj city of Islam.

One of the first countries to adopt the Christian faith, northern Ethiopia tells a story of persecution of Christians by the Arabs and dogged resolution. In the south, the roots of Africa dig deep into a remote and esoteric tribal wilderness.

Some ideas for an Ethiopian holiday

  • Plan your visit to coincide with a Christian festival
  • No visit is complete without seeing the remarkable rock-cut monolithic churches at Lalibela
  • Try a few days trekking in the beautiful Simien or Bale Mountains
  • If time allows head south to the tribal areas, where women have large lip plates and men indulge in bull jumping and stick fighting
  • Soak in the tranquillity of Bishangari Lodge
  • Visit Harar, the only predominantly Muslim city in Ethiopia, which was founded in the 7th century

Beyond the Ordinary

  • Venture onto the depths of the western Omo (not on the tourist route) or to the hottest place on earth: the Danakil Depression
  • For the ultimate holiday, explore Ethiopia by helicopter and visit otherwise inaccessible areas

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Road conditions are generally poor, and the mountainous topography in the north will cut speed. The Omo, in particular, presents different landscapes from high rocky hills to a flat, sandy semi-desert to a stony basin. Some drives are long and the roads can be bumpy.

Almost all hotels in Ethiopia have power facilities. However power cuts are not uncommon.

There are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to September. 

About 90 per cent of the population earn their living from the land, mainly as subsistence farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of the national economy and the principal exports from this sector are coffee, oil seeds, pulses, flowers, vegetables, sugar and foodstuffs for animals. There is also a thriving livestock sector, exporting cattle on the hoof and hides and skins.

Ethiopia has 80 languages, but Amharic, Oromigna and the Semitic Tigrigna are the major languages used by two-thirds of the population. Amharic is the official language.

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