Long nosed chameleon, Andasibe Mantadia, Madagascar


Known locally by its colonial name Perinet, the park is considered to be Madagascar’s premier rainforest reserve.

Located only four hours’ drive from the capital through rolling highlands and traditional villages, the park is split in two – Andasibe and the newer Mantadia, a mid-altitude montane rainforest offering a thrilling introduction to the country’s best wildlife.


Andasibe Mantadia Park, Madagascar
Andasibe-Mantadia, Madagascar

One of Madagascar's most popular parks

The park’s popularity is reflected in the quality of well-established lodges found here, and the guiding is considered some of the best in Madagascar. With this, comes limited availability – so book early.

Centred on a small lake, Lac Vert, the lower levels of the park are dominated by huge trees up to 30 metres high, whereas the higher levels are much steeper with a luxuriant growth of moss and lichen – also offering some superb views across the canopy from the lookout point.


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Sifaka on Lemur Island, Andasibe, Madagascar

Lemur Island

Visit Lemur Island, home to a small population of rescued lemurs. Explore by canoe, landing on the island, where curious lemurs are likely to climb all over you.

Suggested lodge

Bamboo lemur, Andasibe Mantadia, Madagascar

Visit Mantadia

Explore the primary forest of Mantadia National Park on a network of winding trails. Spot a variety of wildlife including lemurs, chameleons and bird life.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Indri with babyl lemur, Andasibe Mantadia, Madagascar

Call of the Indri

Listen to the eerie call of the indri – the largest lemur species – as it echoes around the forests of Andasibe and Mantadia.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Leaping sifaka, Andasibe, Madagascar

Jumping Sifakas

Explore the Andasibe National Park, keeping an eye out for families of diademed sifakas as they dart through the canopy, springing from branch to branch.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Mantadia Lodge £££££

  • Madagascar
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

The most stylish and contemporary option in Andasibe, Mantadia Lodge is a lovely base from which to explore the area. It perches on the side of a low hill, looking out over a mixture of farmland and forest. The lodge is formed of 25 beautifully designed rooms and is well located for exploring both Andasibe and Mantadia national parks.

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Vakona Forest Lodge £££££

  • Madagascar
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

One of the most established lodges in the area, Vakona Forest Lodge sits in its own private reserve, so you get extra wildlife for your money along with plenty of rainforest. The creepers, plants and flowers that seem to grow all around you add to the atmosphere before you even step inside the small, but charming rooms. Hot water bottles keep the chills at bay (it can be damp in the forest!) as does the large open fire, that sits in the centre of the octagonal main dining room and bar, looking out across the lodges very own lake. There is even a semi-wild, Lemur Island in the grounds, great for kids who want a hands-on wildlife experience, or grown-up photographers who want some great animal shots.

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Andasibe Hotel £££££

  • Madagascar
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

One of the newest lodges in the area, each of the huge split level rooms are clean and comfortable with plenty of space to relax in. The large restaurant serves lovely French and Malagasy cuisine, especially from their a la carte menu. The setting of the lodge is also great, looking out across the lush rice paddies and local village in the distance, which can be explored by mountain bikes offered by the lodge free of charge. The local Malagasy family who runs the lodge are charming, and go out of their way to offer one of the warmest welcomes in the region – but like most good places in Andasibe, rooms are highly sought after so book early. The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park offers an exceptional wildlife experience.

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