Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Bale Mountains

This high altitude area is scattered with volcanic peaks, alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend into deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands below. It offers the opportunity for walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and the chance to view many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals.

Scenically, the highlight is the Sanetti Plateau, studded with enormous lobelias and cool tarns that provide the essential existing stronghold for the Ethiopian wolf, a russet endemic that’s regarded to be the world’s rarest carnivore.

It’s not only endemic wildlife that makes Bale so special – the area embraces sixteen of Ethiopia’s endemic birds including forest-dwelling endemics – the Yellow-fronted Parrot, Abyssinian catbird, Banded barbet and Abyssinian woodpecker. In the Sanetti moorlands, the keen ornithologists are able to spot Blue-winged Goose, Rouget’s rail and Spotbreasted lapwing.


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Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Unique Bale Ecosystem

Discover the largest area of Afro-alpine habitat in the whole of the African continent, found in the Bale Mountains.

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Ethiopian Wolf, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Wildlife of the Bale Mountains

Explore the Bale Mountains, home of many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals, in particular, the Ethiopian wolf and Bale Mountains vervet.

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Lace Wing, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Bird Watching

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the forest and spot some excellent birdlife.

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Sanetti Plateau in the crisp early morning, Bale Mountain Lodge, Ethiopia

Horse riding and hiking

Get out and explore this mountainous landscape on horse back or on foot.

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View from Lodge, Bale Mountain Lodge, Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Bale Mountain Lodge, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Bale Mountain Lodge

Set in a forest clearing, this Eco-lodge features 15 thatched mahogany and stone rooms made from sustainable wood and furnishings. With wood-burning fires and private terraces, all rooms will enjoy wonderful views.

Views are taken advantage of here with a glass-walled restaurant and a glass-bottomed spa. Combine with the Simien Mountains in the north and the Rift Valley in the south.

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