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Icebergs and Sailboat, Disco Bay, Ilulissat, Greenland

Sail Greenland & the Northern Lights



13 Days

Prices Start from

$8,636 (ex. flights)

Suitable for

Couples Romantic/Honeymoon Adventure Traveller Solo Traveller Photographers

Journey by boat through the dramatic scenery and natural phenomena of Greenland in the company of expert guides, focusing on the history, geology and topography of the dazzling fjord-rich region.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Iceberg, Greenland 1

Greenland Fjords

Explore extraordinary fjords and see the immense Iceberg Graveyard.

Musk Ox, Greenland 2

Hike to Musk Ox

Hike to the top of mountains with your camera to witness herds of grazing musk ox.

Northern Lights, Spitsbergen, Svalbard 3

Northern Lights

Hope to see the remarkable Northern Lights in Hall Bredning.

Bowhead Whale Tail, Aasiaat, Greenland 4

Sail Denmark Strait

Sail with an expedition team from Iceland to Greenland, looking out for bowhead whales.

Why we like it

This Greenland navigation sails deep in to the auroral zone, passing towering mountains and drifting through the Iceberg Graveyard. Choosing to voyage by boat around the icy blue, dazzling gold and fiery red fjords of Greenland makes it possible to witness a plethora of remarkable regions that would otherwise not be seen without sailing. Uniquely memorable experiences include seeing musk ox, arctic hares and icebergs larger than football fields.

Explore our suggested itinerary

Can you imagine yourself in Greenland? Talk to our experts about tailoring this trip for you.

Boat Journey
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Reykjavik - Akureyri
  • Days 3-4
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: The Denmark Strait
  • Day 5
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Brogetdal and Waltershausen Glacier
  • Day 6
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Blomsterbugten and Renbugten
  • Day 7
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Antarctic Sund and Ella Oya
  • Day 8
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Apelfjord
  • Day 9
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Hall Bredning and Ittorqqortoormiit
  • Day 10
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Rypefjord and Rodefjord
  • Day 11
    Sailing Greenland's Fjords: Frederiksdal and Sydkapp
  • Day 12
    Constable Point - Reykjavik
  • Day 13
Summer Tundra, Greenland
Summer Tundra, Greenland

Hike in the Arctic

Embark on world-renowned hikes through the wilderness and windswept landscapes of the Arctic, looking out for indigenous wildlife. During the brief Arctic summer, the tundra comes alive with blooming flowers giving bursts of colour, and each hike offers a unique cultural or glacial focus.

Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox

Wildlife of the Arctic

Remarkable wildlife spottings of whales, arctic foxes, musk ox and arctic hare are common in this remote region, and keen birders should watch for wheatears, snow buntings and ravens.

Kamiks National Inuit Costume, Greenland
Kamiks National Inuit Costume, Greenland

Inuits & Northern Lights

Visit Itoqqortoormiit, eastern Greenland’s most northern community, for the best chance to view the elusive and unpredictable northern lights. Wrap up warm and wish for clear skies in Hall Bredning, a spot well within the auroral zone with the low light pollution that often leads to the most spectacular light displays. Have the opportunity to meet the Inuit people and learn about their blend of traditional and modern lifestyles.

Icebergs at Midnight, Greenland
Icebergs at Midnight, Greenland

Kayak Amongst Icebergs

Navigate the iceberg-choked fjords of Greenland’s extraordinary landscape by zodiac, allowing closer access to the immense icy structures for excellent photography opportunities. Go a step further and take out one of the ships’ kayaks for a unique and exhilarating perspective of the mighty bergs and glaciers.

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From the Northern Lights to meeting Innuits, Sue put together a trip that exceeded all our expectations. She was the most knowledgeable of anyone we spoke to about Greenland, and we could tell she knew things that only come from personal travels.

Destination: Greenland
Travel Expert: Sue

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