Following on from the well-received focus on Latin America last week, as promised below is a collection of our favourite destinations in Africa and the best times to travel. 

Start planning your long-awaited trips with us, from aspirations to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda to exploring the rippling sands of the Namib Desert on your own self-drive adventure to hiking between dramatic tsingy pinnacles in Madagascar.

As ever, your travels matter – not just enriching experiences for you but also having a positive impact on the communities, wildlife and environment you are travelling to. Be the difference and look out for our new Positive Impact sections on our holiday ideas as well as some of our favourite owner-run properties contributing positively in our sphere.

Don’t miss the opportunity for your safari adventure.

Travel Between

October – December


Beneath mist-shrouded volcanic peaks, mountain gorillas survive within this jungled nation. Now home to some of the most characterful and stylish lodges in Africa, Rwanda blends conservation with comfort.

From the excellent guiding and road network to the well-run trekking and fantastic lodges, Rwanda offers a stress-free option at a time when travel can be challenging.

We recommend: Gorilla Trekking in Style

Giraffe walking in the bush on the desert pan at sunset, Etosha National Park, Namibia
Etosha National Park, Namibia


A patchwork of orange, reds and yellows decorate this sparsely populated landscape. Amidst the dramatic, desolate scenery, spot desert-adapted wildlife and stay at isolated lodges beneath a blanket of stars.

If you’re still worried about crowds and want to ease yourself back into travel, then Namibia has more space than you can dream of.

We recommend: Self Drive Across Namibia as featured in The Sunday Times.

Travel Between

Janury – March


From the stalking prides of the Masai Mara to the tuskers of Amboseli, Kenya is packed with remarkable wildlife. Private conservancies and community reserves offer a sustainable safari experience, with the freedom and flexibility to get off-road and up close.

The beginning of the year is perfect for photography. The landscape is still green from the autumn’s short rains, whilst the impending long rains make for dramatic skies.

We recommend: Laikipia and Masai Mara Photographic Safari

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt


Egypt’s wonders of the ancient world lie within reach of world-class diving and snorkelling. Take a Nile cruise past temples, pyramids and tombs or stay at one of the country’s characterful hotels.

The furious heat of the desert subsides over the winter, making this the best time to explore Egypt’s wealth of ancient ruins.

We recommend: Highlights of Egypt including a Nile Cruise

Travel Between

April – June

South Africa

A land of diversity, South Africa is dotted with private reserves, boutique properties and activities for all ages. History and culture sit side-by-side with dramatic landscapes and prolific wildlife.

Whilst rains are falling elsewhere in Africa, the Kruger National Park’s dry season begins. This is when wildlife viewing is at its very best, with the thinning vegetation offering much easier sightings.

We recommend: Safari through the Greater Kruger

Baobabs, Madagascar


From acid-rain-sculpted limestone pinnacles to spine-tingling “turning of the bones” ceremonies, Madagascar is a place unlike anywhere else. Surreal landscapes, richly superstitious culture and unusual wildlife make for a country that is uniquely fascinating to explore.

May and June are rice harvesting season, meaning the countryside explodes into life with families filling the fields.

We recommend: Tropical North: Tsingy, Jungle and Islands

Travel Between

July – September


The Okavango River blossoms into a life-giving delta within Botswana’s parched interior, forming one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders. Camps here are immersed in the wetland ecosystem, surrounded by a wealth of animal and birdlife. 

By the summer months, the floodwaters have reached the delta and the rains are long gone. The environment is alive with predators and prey alike.

We recommend: Desert and Delta in Style

Chongwe River Camp, Lower Zambezi, Zambia
Lower Zambezi, Zambia


With a feeling of untamed nature, Zambia is a country that draws people back time and time again. Home to the walking safari, it is here that exploration on foot reaps the greatest rewards.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a Zambian walking safari. The sparser vegetation at this time of year makes for easier walking and even better on-foot wildlife encounters.

We recommend: Remote Bush Camps of South Luangwa

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