A Sri Lanka holiday will not disappoint. You are guaranteed to experience one of the most idyllic and exotic destinations on earth. Travelling around this beautiful island, you will see rolling tea estates, spectacular views, fascinating historical sites, wide stretches of sandy beach and verdant forests abundant with wildlife, such as leopard, wild elephant and sloth bear. Our client Ian Flemming returned from Sri Lanka earlier in 2022 and kindly shared some of his beautiful imagery with us as well as some notes on his highlights.

Wilpattu National Park with Leopard trails

Very welcoming and well organised safaris. The road to Wilpattu park was often reduced to single lane by locals drying rice on the tarmac -very interesting! On two safaris we tracked down the big two; leopard and sloth bear.


Jaffna is a fascinating place. Great to see everyday life, we seemed to be the only tourists. Such fascinating history touring round in a tuk-tuk. I even had a chance to drive it. Also the experience of eating in local houses. Wonderful traditional food served in such simple homes. The only TV we saw in the whole holiday was watching a Tamil children’s programme with one family.

Two great days touring around watching bird life and local fishermen. Then a boat trip to Delft island wild horses and more churches and temples and this highly decorated cart used to carry a statue of the god.

Man in Rickshaw, Jaffna, Sri Lanka


A rest from the heat in beautiful but misty hill country and a walk through the tea plantations. The petrol and diesel shortage had started and one afternoon the power was off giving the staff time for a game of cricket on the lawn. I joined in-great fun. A local temple was celebrating a Hindu festival, was delightful to spectate.

Gal Oya 

Safari time again. This was the chance to see elephants, and to have a safari by boat. More bird-watching too, spotted the rare Sri Lankan Frogmouth doing his Kermit impression. Now over 80 species seen.

Frogmouth, Gal Oya, Sri Lanka


Very relaxing at this beautiful beach hotel, just what we needed. Wonderful food as we have had all the way. A drive to the local market and early morning to the fishing harbour- never seen such colourful working boats.

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Author: Steppes Travel