Travel is the art of human connection and storytelling.

For us at Steppes, travel is not just about places or sights but meeting people. Unconditional moments that make connections, that make us smile. Key to these are the guides that we are lucky and privileged to work with around the world.

Every day, we ask ourselves what differentiates Steppes Travel from other travel companies. Our service, our expertise and ability to design very highly personalised itineraries, our desire to inspire conversations that change the world, the friendliness and laughter of our very individual team… Yet, these are all replicable to some extent. Perhaps it is our connections, the contacts we have, the people that we know, the extraordinary people that we work with that make us stand out.

Below are a few of the guides and characters that inspire us, that make us laugh… But not all – do call and ask our team about their favourite guides in the areas that you would like to travel to.

As a tour operator travelling to some of the world’s more deprived regions, we strive to leave a positive social footprint in our host communities. Thus, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Steppes Travel Fund for Female Guides, which aims to give women access to education and training that will give them the knowledge and skills required to pursue a fulfilling and prosperous career as a guide.

Take only memories, leave only friendships.

Indrajit Latey

Indrajit Latey, Indian naturalist
Indrajit Latey, Indian Naturalist Guide

“Indrajit accompanied our group on safari and was a total asset from start to finish, with an incredible energy. He set us at ease with his warm and generous nature and sense of humour. Not only incredibly experienced and knowledgeable of each of the parks and the flora and fauna within, the time and attention he gave to each of us was hugely missed long after he left us. If you want an accompanying naturalist guide, then look no further than Indrajit. He is first class in every way.”

A window into India’s conservation efforts

Sarah Dalby

Local Aboriginal guide and artist in Uluru, Australia
Sarah Dalby, Signature Aboriginal Experiences, Uluru, Tourism Australia

An Anangu woman, Sarah, is a member of one of the world’s oldest living cultures, traditional landowners of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia’s red centre. A guide and successful artist from Maruku Arts, she shares her love and knowledge with visitors to Uluru, walking through this sacred landscape, taking them on their own journey, exchanging stories and giving privileged insight into the land, through her art and the eyes of a people who have been its custodians for millennia. “I like teaching others about Tjukurpa, about my Country and how to paint… It makes me happy.”

A window into Aboriginal culture

Stephen Banda

Stephen Banda bush walk, Zambia
Stephen Banda bush walk, Zambia

“Stephen was not only an exceptionally gifted guide, able to read the wilderness in a way that was astounding, but he was also great company. He has lived in the area his whole life, making it possible for Stephen to truly bring the bush alive. There is a warmth and authenticity to the guiding here like nowhere else; it is the Zambian people who give these safaris their unique flavour. “

A window into Zambia’s wildlife


Felipe, Guerrilla, Perquin, El Salvador
Felipe, Perquin, El Salvador

“The strength of Felipe’s words spoke volumes about him, the leaders who had turned their backs on ordinary people and the pointlessness of war. When Felipe told me with his steely determined look, “I am not afraid of anything”, I believed him.”

A window into El Salvador’s history

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Author: Anna Souroullas