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Tunisia Highlights Holiday

12 days

from £2,370pp (excluding flights)

Tunisia is a diverse and fascinating country with ancient Roman sites, pretty coastal villages and a desert interior.

  • Spend time in the delightful hill top village of Sidi Bou Said
  • Visit Dougga, one of North Africa's best preserved Roman Cities
  • Wander the colourful souqs and medina of Tunia
  • Explore Kairouan, one of the holiest cities in the Muslim world
  • Discover the beautiful Roman ampitheatre ar El Djem

This 12 day holiday idea begins in the capital city of Tunis with its colourful 12th Century old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to a vibrant souk and maze of lively streets. Using Tunis as a base, visit nearby Roman sites including Carthage, Thuburbo Majus and Uthina. On to El Kef via the Roman city of Dougga before travelling to the remote and atmospheric village of Haidra and the chance to climb the Jugurthas Table with spectacular views as the sunsets. Visit the Byzantine ruins of Sufetula and the holy city of Kairouan, home to some beautiful mosques and a base from which to visit the Roman amphitheatre at El Djem. End your stay with a day at leisure in Tunis before flying home.

For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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Itinerary at a glance

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Day 1

Fly London to Tunis

For the best part of 4000 years, Tunis has passed from one ruler to another, with each new culture exerting their own influence. In the second century BC, the city was razed by the Romans.

Despite eventually being rebuilt, it wasn't until the arrival of the Arabs - eight centuries later - that the city once again rose to prominence. With this revival came the building of the city's, now famous, medina.

Today, Tunis embraces a clutch of styles, and its people reflect this in equal measure. Whilst the main boulevard exudes Parisian café culture, the medina stays true to its medieval roots. Separated by only half a mile geographically, these two areas can feel a millennium apart.

You will be staying at Dar El Medina, Bed & Breakfast

Day 2

Day Trip to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said
Founded by a refugee queen, razed by the Romans, then overrun by the Arabs; Carthage has a violent and tumultuous history.

Among the treasures to be explored are Carthage's amphitheatre - said to be one of the largest in the Roman Empire, the mosaic-covered Roman Villas, the vast Antoine Baths, the artifact-packed National Museum, and the chilling ruins of the Tophet - a burial ground for sacrificed children.

Have time to explore, before continuing to the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said. Sitting on a hilltop and overlooking the Gulf of Tunis, this attractive settlement is packed with old cobbled streets, white cubed houses and heavily studded doors.

You will be staying at Dar El Medina, Bed & Breakfast

Day 3

Half Day Visit to Thuburbo Majus
Journey to the excavated Roman city of Thuburbo Majus, discovered in the 19th century. In Roman times it was known as Colonia Julia Commoda. Founded as a Roman veteran colony just over 2000 years ago, it became an important trade centre.

Numerous Roman ruins have been uncovered and these include the impressive Forum, Capitol Temple, towering Corinthian Columns, Colonnade of Petronius and the Public Baths.

Discover Zaghouan in Half a Day
Visit the site of Hadrian's Fountain, which marks the source of the water carried over 70 miles by aqueduct to Carthage. Still flowing today, the system was built by Emperor Hadrian in the second century BC.

Situated in the Dorsale Mountains, Zaghoun is also famous for its roses. These were first cultivated by Muslims escaping the Spanish Inquisition, in the 17th century.

You will be staying at Dar El Medina, Bed & Breakfast

Day 4

Day Trip to Kerkouane and Kelibia
Visit Kerkouane, one of the best preserved examples of Punic urban architecture in Tunisia. Believed to have been deserted during the First Punic War, the Phoenician city was never rebuilt.

The ruins date back over 2300 years and include the remains of private houses, often with their simple mosaic floors intact. Despite millennia of neglect, the town's layout is still visible and even some coloured clay facades survive.

Afterwards, continue to nearby Kelibia, with its handsome Byzantine fortress.

You will be staying at Dar El Medina, Bed & Breakfast

Day 5

Drive from Tunis to El Kef via Dougga

You will be staying at Dar Chenoufi, Bed & Breakfast

Day 6

Half Day Trip to Chemtou
Explore the site of an ancient Roman marble quarry, which first began operating in the second century BC.

Notable for the discovery of horizontal water turbines, the ingenuity of the Romans remains evident and the mill races - carved into solid marble - are still visible.

The location of the site, particularly its proximity to the Medjerda River, allowed the Romans to produce vast quantities of marble and export it to the rest of the empire.

Half Day Visit to Bulla Regia
Housing some of the most impressive mosaics in North Africa, Bulla Regia's extraordinary underground villas deserve exploration. Many of the most stunning mosaics remain in situ and retain their original beauty due to an earthquake that helped to preserve them.

Head below the surface and take a guess as to why Bullia Regia's Roman residents took the unusual decision to live a subterranean life. Often hypothesized as being heat-related, the truth remains a mystery.

You will be staying at Dar Chenoufi, Bed & Breakfast

Day 7

Full Day Visit to Jugurthas Table and Haidra
Visit the spectacular Jugurthas Table, which rises almost vertically from the plains and can be seen from as far away as El Kef. Access to the summit is via a twisting set of steps, but the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape are unforgettable. The walk to the top is quite strenuous, so make sure to bring some water.

Afterwards, continue on to the remote village of Haidra, one of the oldest Roman sites in Africa. Wonderfully atmospheric, explore the ruins as the sun sets behind the mountains.

You will be staying at Dar Chenoufi, Bed & Breakfast

Day 8

Drive from El Kef to Sbeitla via Jugurthas Table and Haidra

Formally known as Sufetula, Sbeitla is a beautifully preserved ancient Roman city. Among the ruins, the Capitoline temples stand out as some of the most unspoiled in North Africa.

Ransacked by the Vandals after Rome fell, Sbeitla had a resurgence under the Byzantines, whose influence can still be seen. Eventually, Sbeitla was again overrun by the Arabs during the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb.

You will be staying at Hotel Sufetula, Bed & Breakfast

Day 9

Drive from Sbeitla to Kairouan

One of the holiest cities in the Muslim world and referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital, Kairouan was founded by the Arabs in 679 AD. Its golden age came under Aghlabid rule, fuelled by the region's thriving trade in slaves and gold.

Capital of the Arab province of Ifriqiya for half a millennium, Kairouan also became a centre for Islamic learning. Even now, it is claimed that seven visits to the city is equivalent to one pilgrimage to Mecca.

Half Day Tour of Kairouan
Explore some of North Africa's holiest Islamic sites. The oldest and largest mosque in North Africa, the Great Mosque, is a highlight among these. It was the fame and grandeur of this mosque that drew scholars to the city of Kairouan.

Other highlights include the ornate shrines of Sidi el-Ghariani & Sidi Sahab, the innovative 9th century Aghlabid Pools and the Andalusian-influenced Mosque of the Three Gates.

You will be staying at La Kasbah, Bed & Breakfast

Day 10

Full Day Visit to El Jem
Spend the day exploring the town of El Jem. Step inside the the largest colosseum in North Africa and imagine the sound of 35,000 voices baying for blood. The El Jem Amphitheatre stands as a reminder of the might and reach of the Roman Empire. Blood no longer stains the sand, but each summer a classical music festival fills the place with noise once more.

Stepping away from Rome's more brutal side, the Archaeological Museum in El Jem houses a wide collection of mosaics depicting Roman life and art. This collection contains some of the greatest mosaics ever discovered in Tunisia and many feature mythical characters, such as Bacchus, Orpheus and Silenus.

Day 11

Drive from Kairouan to Tunis via Monastir and Neapolis

You will be staying at Dar El Medina, Bed & Breakfast

Day 12

Fly Tunis to London

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For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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