Lady planting trees Brigg, Scunthorpe

Thank you for planting your gift

Thank you for planting your gift this Christmas.

A member of the Steppes Travel team will email your donation certificate within two working days. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Please read on below to find out more about what we’re doing to protect our planet. None of it would be possible without you.


Our Mission

Our commitment to nurturing people, cultures and places doesn’t rest. In fact, it follows us to every corner of the globe and back.

The Steppes Fund for Change is a collection of initiatives to promote sustainable travel, and a call-to-arms to the industry to take action. When you, our clients, take the leap to discover the extraordinary, you can be sure that you are doing it in a way that puts the planet first.

Our mission is to channel funds to the communities, conservation agencies, and NGOs that we work with and to create staff and client engagement to achieve the following:

  • Opportunities for women around the world
  • Providing access to education for all children
  • Conservation of wildlife and environments

Read on to see exactly what we’re doing this year.

Polar Bear on Ice, Spitsbergen, Arctic
Polar Bear on Ice, Spitsbergen, Arctic

Tourism Declares: Climate Emergency

Climate change is perhaps the overriding threat not just facing the world of travel but the world as a whole. Travel is coming in for some serious critique because of the carbon emissions of flights. If clients choose not to fly, then it will affect business. The good news is that in the last ten years there has been a 140-fold growth in schemes to reduce carbon emissions. The bad news is that IATA says that just 1% of passengers offset their carbon emissions from flights. The worse news is that the aviation sector is one of the fastest-growing polluters. It currently accounts for about 2% of global emissions but that figure could more than double by 2050 or triple if planes don’t become more fuel-efficient. Not only do we have a commercial imperative but we have a moral one to act and to act now. We need to act to encourage best practice, reward clients for their behaviour, their choices and promote carbon balancing and the offsetting of flights.

Read our declaration in full

world land trust

We currently offset all of our Steppes Travel team flights through the World Land Trust.

Misool coral divers
Misool Foundation

Every trip contributes to change

We pledge £25 per person per booking and add it to a fund that supports 20 women’s empowerment, girls’ education and wildlife conservation programmes across the world. While back home, a further £25 goes towards our fledgeling scheme to plant trees in Scunthorpe and to sponsor a nuclear fusion researcher at the University of Oxford.

Rooting for long-term solutions

Our commitment to offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from our clients’ flights is something that will never change. Last year, Steppes Travel and the Woodland Trust started the ambitious task of creating a 40-acre community wood near Scunthorpe by planting the first 4,000 trees – an area with some of the most polluted air in Britain.

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Nicolas Cristen, Oxford, United Kingdom
Nicolas Christen, Oxford, United Kingdom

Supporting nuclear fusion research for a greener energy solution

Nuclear fusion is seen by many as the panacea for a safe energy solution. Steppes Travel is supporting the work of Nicolas Christen, a doctorate student with the Plasma Physics Group at the University of Oxford, and his work into harnessing this game-changing way of producing energy.

If you would like to join our waiting list to be invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Abingdon please email [email protected].

One Bottle at a Time (OBaaT)

Plastic pollution is one of the most unnecessary threats facing our environment. At Steppes Travel HQ, we all do our bit to be plastic conscious, reducing, recycling and reusing wherever possible.

We’re also keen to tackle unnecessary plastic waste in the countries that we operate in. Steppes Travel is proud to be part of the One Bottle at a Time initiative which, together with other tour operators, aims to remove one million single-use plastic water bottles from across our holiday operations.

Whilst travelling please be sure to travel with a refillable, reusable bottle. If you would like a Steppes Travel branded bottle, please speak to your travel expert.

Our Projects

We support projects right across the planet. Explore below to see where and how we’re making a difference – in some cases, we can even arrange a visit as part of your tailor-made itinerary.

Since 1989 we have donated over £1.2million to organisations that make a positive impact around the world.

Where our projects are located

Project Facts

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