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    Steppes Travel is made by the people who work here. Incredible holidays are made possible because of their vast travel experience and the great enthusiasm they bring to their work.

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    We carefully select our experts based on their knowledge, companionship and influence, ensuring that you can travel with the most knowledgeable leaders in the field.

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    The people who lead the way when it comes to those things which matter to us: exploration, the environment, women’s empowerment and education.

Polar bear on the drift ice with snow, with evening yellow sun, Spitsbergen, Norway

Our Tourism Declares Pledge

We have a duty to give our world a chance to truly thrive, not just as an industry, but as a mindful, considered species with the privilege of calling this planet our home. Here at Steppes Travel, we have designed a framework for putting positive-impact travel into action and creating exploration that better serves our natural spaces and wildlife, local communities and cultures.

This page maps out our intention to continue contributing to people and planet as part of our commitment to Tourism Declares and also Glasgow Declares(Nov 2021) but for more information please have a read of our Positive Impact Travel pages and what this means for you as our client when you travel with us.

Our Tourism Declares Long Term Goals

1. Have 100% of flights (both client flights and our staff flights) offset by end of 2021
Flights are the largest contributor to client emissions and also the easiest element to assess. Reducing this significant cost can only help make more travel net positive. We are offsetting all flights as standard with the World Land Trust.

2. Ensure 50% of properties booked are “net positive” by end of 2022
As a tailor-made operator, properties are where we have the greatest influence. By ensuring that properties make a net positive contribution to the impact of the holiday, we are ensuring that everything we do rests upon a foundation of travel as a force for good.

3. Achieve carbon neutrality on our internal operations by end of 2022
We need to practice what we preach.

Our Work So Far

Scalesia Lodge, Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands
Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands

Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

In 2021, we began working with e-collective, the travel industry’s carbon calculating experts to help us develop a calculator that measures the carbon footprint of flights and hotels, which we have since asked our hotel partners to use to establish their own individual carbon emissions. Conscious of the need to weigh up both the positive and negative impacts of travel, we have also created a scoring system that measures the positive impact that a hotel has on a social, environmental and economic level. By turning the carbon emission kg CO2e score into a negative and then adding the score assigned to the hotel for its positive social, environmental and economic impact, we are able to come up with a net impact score for individual travel itineraries.

View of snowy mountains against picky, orange sky.
Apennine Mountains by Umberto Esposito

Reducing & Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

In August 2021 we launched our flight carbon emissions calculator which allows us to continuously measure and reduce the impact of our holidays in detail. This means that our team can work with you to create and refine your itinerary in a way that makes reducing carbon emissions easy and unobtrusive.

We are also offsetting the carbon emissions of international and domestic flights for all of our holidays, whether or not you book your flights through us. We’ll be calculating and offsetting these emissions based on travel in economy class, whilst giving you the option to pay the difference if travelling in a higher class. The offsetting will all be done through World Land Trust’s reforestation projects, which simultaneously capture excess carbon and help regenerate threatened ecosystems.

Wa Ale Island school classroom
Lampi Foundation, Wa Ale Island, Myanmar

Our Positive Impact holidays

We have chosen to align our vision of Positive Impact Travel with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Not only do these goals offer a comprehensive guide to solving the challenges facing our world, but they act as a focal point around which we can all rally. We have made a commitment to ensure every holiday you book with Steppes Travel supports at least three of these goals. You can see our UN SDG feature on some of our existing holiday ideas on the website.

Explore UN Sustainable Development Goals

Gorilla peering through leaves, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Biodiversity, Female Education and Green Energy in Focus

While our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is all-encompassing, we believe sustainable travel can have the biggest impact through the promotion of biodiversity, female education and renewable energy. Each booking that a client makes with us goes on to support a chosen partner that is working with passion and commitment towards these goals.

Our Core Goals

Our Work Continues

We are also travel partners of The Long Run, a community driving positive change for the health of the planet and the well-being of people through a commitment to the 4Cs — Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Collectively, The Long Run members safeguard over 23 million acres of ecosystems, protect more than 400 endangered species, and improve the lives of 750,000 people.

We have also been working towards B Corp certification and hope to have an update by Spring 2022.

Our work to a create positive impact on travel continues, and we would like you to be a part of our journey. We are committed to transparently sharing our progress and learnings, and invite feedback at any time to help us improve. Please email us at [email protected]

Why Choose Steppes?

Our knowledge and expertise set us apart. So too our curiosity. It is this that drives us to create a journey that is really bespoke to you, all the while ensuring we travel and operate sustainably.

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