View to Mir i Arab madrassa thru the old wooden carved door, Bukhara

William Taylor

My Expertise

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William has been leading very successful Steppes Travel tours for years, and is fluent in Arabic, Turkish and Syriac.

He is very comfortable in an area stretching from the Balkans to Central Asia, has travelled extensively in the countries of the region and has written and broadcast on their context, both from historical perspectives and the present.

His expertise is in the relationship between the Islamic world and Orthodox Churches, holding a Ph D from SOAS in that field.

His publications include Narratives of Identity, Turkey – Looking Behind and Before, and The Creativity Behind the Wall. A new work, Monks and Monasteries of the Silk Road, should appear in 2021.

William is an Anglican priest and Chairman of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association – in which role he travels backwards and forwards to the region.

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