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    Steppes Travel is made by the people who work here. Incredible holidays are made possible because of their vast travel experience and the great enthusiasm they bring to their work.

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Nadia Hussain, Albania

Nadia Shahanaz Hussain

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After flirting with a career in human rights and the military, and having graduated from law school and working abroad, I accidentally fell into a role at Steppes Travel. Fast forward many years, and I have come to discover the whole world within our company, in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Travel for me is an adventure into your own mind; exploring and pushing beyond your comfort zone, recognising yourself in others, despite differing tongues and cultures, and constantly feeling the urge to do more, to learn more and be more.

In my time at Steppes Travel I have been privileged enough to experience mosques of Isfahan in Iran, had sundowners amongst a herd of a hundred elephants in Hwange in Zimbabwe, canoed safely away from a crocodile attack on the Zambezi and climbed Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano located in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Back at Steppes HQ I am proud to be leading the Steppes marketing team as we strive to build a brand that has a positive influence in the world of travel and beyond.

Nadia Hussain, Zimbabwe
Nadia Hussain, Zimbabwe

Pride of Zimbabwe

Calvet Nkomo, our guide in Hwange, Zimbabwe, looks back at us, his brows furrowed as the dwindling remnants of sunlight drift across the plains of Imbiza, imbuing this almost prehistoric landscape with hues of pink and purple. “I can teach and train for years but some things…’’ Calvet pauses again, glancing over at the silhouette of a herd of elephants in the distance. “Well, some things you just know and feel. They can’t be taught. You can’t Google the bush.’’

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Nadia Hussain, Iran

A close encounter with an imam in Isfahan

The Imam’s plurality was akin with the attitude of the Great Shah Abbas. He too had encouraged religious tolerance. He endeavoured to see Isfahan and the dynasty thrive, just as this Imam seems to wish for the whole of Iran.

Now, more than ever, with the fallout from BREXIT and the outpouring of racially motivated attacks in the UK and the continued reprehensible acts of so-called IS across Turkey, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, our differences must be understood, respected and welcomed. There can no longer be an ‘other’. In a country that has long been seen as exactly that, this initiative of open dialogue and inclusivity is what I see the future of Iran to be.

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Tiger, Pench NP

The spirit of the Indian jungle

Elusive, surprisingly well camouflaged, and fiercely independent, tigers are not a guaranteed spot. We were on our third game drive at Pench and so far we had only seen a tiger from afar, striding beyond the teak trees before disappearing altogether along with around seven other safari vehicles all queued up on a single lane track. We yearned for our very own close-up and with at least one of the 53 tigers in the park we thought our luck would be in.

But this is unlike safari experiences in Africa. There is no sense of instant gratification. No guaranteed sightings of game on each drive. Patience is key.

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Elephants crossing the river, Lower Zambezi, Zambia
Lower Zambezi, Zambia

Canoeing on the Zambezi

‘’What happens on the river, stays on the river.’’ Canoeing on the Lower Zambezi is definitely a must, however only with a guide. I learnt that lesson the hard way and the paddle with croc teeth scrapes is testament to how hard that lesson was.

As an afternoon excursion, you’ll be witness to an always impressive sunset, border crossings of the elephants and of course the hippos laying wait in the water. Be sure to tap the side of your canoe to let them know you’re in their territory.


See below some of my favourite travel experiences around the world.

Nadia Hussain, Kenya

A stay at Segera Retreat, Laikipia

Our own private villa surrounded by a cacti perimeter and monkeys on the balcony, surprise safari picnics in the bush, herds of elephants, views of Mount Kenya and reading Hemingways’s letters, all at the remote 20,000-hectare game reserve of Segera Retreat.

Safari Game Drive, Baghvan, Pench National Park, India

Spotting a tigress in Pench National Park

A smile crept onto my face as I watched the tigress peer up out of the long grass to scan the horizon. We sat, silenced by the view of her. The sunset was beginning to highlight her head, the glow making her appear ever more like the spirit of the Indian jungle.

Shiraz, Iran

Discovering the mosques of Isfahan, Iran

I dreamt of travelling to Isfahan since completing a dissertation on Iran at SOAS, University of London. I travelled through thousands of years worth of history when I journeyed from Tehran to Shiraz and Yazd but Isfahan allowed me to enter a world of towering turquoise minarets, triple twisted columns and domes inscribed with beautiful calligraphy.

Nadia Hussain Nyiragongo DRC

Climbing Mount Nyiragongo in the DRC

An adventure of epic proportions. Trekking and scrambling to the top of Nyiragongo to sleep at the rim of the world’s largest lava lake was a feat I had never thought I would conquer.

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Steppes Travel is made by the people who work here. Incredible holidays are made possible because of their experience and the enthusiasm they bring to their work.

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