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Leah Crane

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Leah Crane is a reporter at New Scientist. She writes primarily about physics and space, and is particularly interested in physics, planetary science, cosmology, and quantum weirdness.

She received her physics education at Carleton College in Minnesota and now lives in Chicago, where she spends her time talking to scientists, physicists, astronomers and planetary experts.

Leah will be accompanying our Antarctic fly-cruise in February 2022, in partnership with New Scientist. As part of this trip, Leah will be giving lectures on a number of topics.

These lectures include:

  • From Antarctica to the edges of the universe: The Ice Cube neutrino observatory and particle physics.
  • Climate change and the future of Antarctica – the big answers to the big questions.
  • Under the ice: how ice cores can tell us about the world’s history and future.
  • Meteorites on ice: where they’re from and how to find them
  • The biggest craters in the solar system: south pole and beyond
  • What does the term “south pole” really mean?

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