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Jo began her work in marine conservation back in 1990 when she joined WWF in Hong Kong to begin their Marine Conservation Programme; a significant task in a place that had no laws to protect the coastal waters and where massive development was taking place before the handover to China.

During her seven years with WWF, she was instrumental in bringing in new legislation and setting up four Marine Protected Areas.

Jo joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1997 and was part of the celebrated Blue Planet team. Over the past 18 years, she has been involved in numerous underwater filming projects around the world, from Antarctica to the pristine reefs of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. After leaving the BBC, Jo decided to combine both careers and produced a documentary feature, A Plastic Ocean, after initially learning about the plastic problem in 2009. She began raising the funds to start filming and the film was released globally in January 2017. She co-founded the Plastic Oceans Foundation in 2010 not only to help the fundraising process but more importantly to take the message of the film beyond its release.

Sea Turtle in the Reef, Hawaiian Islands
Sea Turtle in the Reef, Hawaiian Islands

The War on Plastics

Steppes Travel have campaigned to create awareness of plastic pollution by introducing the film Plastic Oceans and its wonderful producer Jo Ruxton to the team at Steppes and local schools.

Single-use plastic is both a global problem – the image of the polar bear below was taken by one of our clients on an Arctic cruise last year – and a local one, whether on the streets of London, the hedgerows of the countryside or our lakes and rivers. It is a problem that affects us all and I think this is one of the main reasons why plastic pollution has recently arisen in public and political concern.

Read more here on how Steppes is fighting the global single-use plastic issue.

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