Puma, Patagonia, Chile

Diego Araya

My Expertise

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Diego has always been passionate about nature and wildlife. After his degree and travels around Europe and North America, he found work with the National Park Service in Chile running projects related to ecotourism and conservation.

In 2004 he left behind his professional achievements and urban conveniences to live in Patagonia in pursuit of his long-life dream, to be one with nature. Over the years he has managed to create one of the finest and most complete professional photography archives of Patagonian wildlife together with becoming one of the most qualified residents in tracking, approximation and photography of the fauna in the region.
Diego featured in the BBC’s “The Dark” in Torres del Paine and in 2009 he published Patagonia 237, his first book. A 300 page, big format coffee table book financed by Nikon Chile. At the moment he is a professional wildlife photographer, EcoCamp Photo Adventure Tour Guide, and is working on several editorial and tourism projects.

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