Borneo Expedition, Sabah, Borneo

Charles Ryan

My Expertise

  • Malaysia Flag Malaysia

Charles moved to Borneo in 2008 to work on community development projects across the region.

The focus of these projects – to create alternative livelihoods through the form of forest restoration projects, and community tourism initiatives.

One of his main goals is to curb illegal poaching and logging in rural communities. Alongside this, he also spends time training individuals to become nature guides throughout Borneo – this, he believes is an invaluable skill to promote conservation.

He is an expert naturalist, specialising in mammals, birds, and rainforest ecology and an avid photographer, with some of his most extensive work documenting the fauna of Borneo.

Having travelled extensively, he uses his images to educate people on the importance of tradition and conservation and works with DRK Photo Agency and National Geographic Expeditions, which specialise in worldwide wildlife images. Charles also runs wildlife photography workshops throughout Asia.



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