View out from cliffside caves towards river and jungle beyond. Buddhist sculptures within cave in the foreground.

Alison Frusher

My Expertise

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My fascination with travel began at just eight years old, after I was gifted a doll dressed in a British Airways uniform. Not quite tall enough to be cabin crew, I ventured to Bournemouth to study travel and tourism before seeking out a career as a travel agent and eventually migrating to the world of business travel.

Then came ten years spent working on corporate accounts for the likes of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, organising the private travel arrangements for the renowned British ornithologist Sir Peter Scott, and even working in a power station while managing the travel office of Magnox Electrics following the fallout of the Chernobyl Disaster. I joined Steppes Travel in 2003 after the birth of my children, where I spent a decade as Travel Support for our knowledgeable Americas & Polar Team. I then spent a span of time in the Operations Team, before channelling my notorious flights expertise into my current role of Air Product Manager. When not working with our Travel Experts on unique flight routes, booking the best seats for our family travellers, or on worldwide jaunts of my own, you will find me near a collection of model planes within arms reach of a hot coffee.

Elephant walking towards camera in shallow river surrounded by jungle.
Asian elephant at MandaLao Sanctuary
Baby Turtle, Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Journeys Around the World

Some of my travel highlights include sitting in the cockpit for landing into Budapest, spending time with elephants in Laos, flying into the old airport at Hong Kong and taking my young children to Costa Rica (not once, but twice!). Whenever the opportunity arises, you will find me in my favourite place – the Wetherspoons at Heathrow T2 departures, which has a cracking view of the northwestern runway!

British Airways plane wing

Sit Behind the Wing

I am not quite sure where my love of aircraft came from, but I spend so much time looking at the NATS flight tracking app that I can now tell the difference between a jumbo jet and an A380 flying overhead! My favourite seat is always a window behind the wing, just so that I can see what the wings are up too. For those like me who are fascinated by engineering,it is the best seat in the miles-high house.

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