Wildlife Group Tour

Madagascar Group Tour - Photographic Journey with Sue Flood

Capture images of dancing sifakas and baobabs at sunset

14 days

from £9,995pp
  • Photograph the varied and colourful wildlife of Madagascar on our small group trip
  • Benefit from Sue Flood's expert photographic tuition throughout the trip
  • Encounter chameleons, frogs, dancing sifakas, indris and numerous other endemic species
  • Visit the spectacular Avenue of the Baobabs and watch as the sun sets over this iconic sight

Join Sue Flood on a photographic journey around Madagascar, guided by a local wildlife expert and using private charter flights. Witness sifakas dance in the forests of Berenty, hear indris howl in the mountains of Andasibe and watch the sun set over the iconic Avenue of the Baobabs.

This specialist, small group photographic holiday takes a maximum of just nine people and is hosted by professional photographer, Sue Flood. Joining her will be brilliant Malagasy guide, Charles, who has worked with Sue before and is an expert on the country’s exciting wildlife.

This trip offers a diversity of habitats and wildlife, beginning with Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. This mountainous forested reserve is home to the world’s largest lemur, the indri, as well as a variety of other photogenic animals, including other lemur species, chameleons and frogs.

From here, fly south by private charter, to the Berenty Reserve, on Madagascar’s southern coast. Here, spot the famous ring tailed lemurs and get close to the extraordinary sifakas, as they dance across the dusty ground. Beautiful but rarely still, these lemurs pose an exciting challenge for keen photographers.

Afterwards, head north and fly to the dry forest of Kirindy, on the western coast. Explore this lowland environment, which supports an entirely different array of wildlife to the cool mountains of Andasibe, including brown lemurs. The fossa, the island’s only predator, can be spotted, although it is elusive. Whilst here, visit the nearby Avenue of the Baobabs at sunset, a spectacular time for photography.

 Finish at Anjajavy, located further up the remote western coast. Only accessible by private plane and with its own exclusive beach, Anjajavy is the perfect ending to any trip to Madagascar. Take to the seas in a kayak, visit the local fishing village on market day and take guided walks in the lodge’s private nature reserve, home to Coquerel’s sifakas and spiny iguanas.

"I was blown away by my first visit to Madagascar in 2015 and was lucky to have some close encounters with many of the wonderful lemurs - including common brown, eastern grey bamboo lemurs, red bellied lemurs, red fronted brown lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs, the indri, grey brown mouse lemur, white footed sportive lemur, Verreaux's sifaka and, of course, the ring tailed lemur. But as well as the wonderful mammals, the bird life was spectacular. Madagascar is a paradise for photographers and biologists, and Charles was a brilliant guide, who will be working with me again to ensure that guests get the most out of this adventure. We’re going to be visiting a diverse range of habitats to make the most of our photographic opportunities." Sue Flood


Accommodation mainly consists of small, authentic camps, with an emphasis on comfort. All have private bathrooms. At Camp Amoureux facilities are more basic: two-man dome tents, with a private toilet and shower behind each one. However, there is no other option and the camp is chosen for its access to wildlife. Anjajavy, with its beautiful beachfront villas, adds a dose of luxury at the end of the trip.


 Early starts are guaranteed, as the wildlife is mostly active during the morning. Generally, you will then return to camp around mid-morning, then head out again in the early afternoon, as the temperature cools.


 September is the perfect time to go, as it is when the spring arrives, after the rains have ended. This is also when the lemurs have their babies and the birds start nesting. Furthermore, the rising temperatures cause reptiles to become more active.


 The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy it. Whilst many of the walks are easy, the temperatures do warm up during the day. The west coast in particular is hotter than the rest of the country, so you need to be comfortable walking in slightly warmer temperatures. We avoid the hottest part of the day.


 In Andasibe, you can expect to see the indri (the largest lemur) and plenty of other lemurs, whilst Berenty is home to sifakas. In Kirindy, the brown lemur is most prolific but the big draw here is the cat-like fossa, Madagascar’s only large carnivore.

For a detailed itinerary or to book your place on this tour, please contact us.

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what is included

  • All accommodation as shown
  • All activities as shown
  • All park fees
  • All transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Photographic tuition from Sue Flood throughout
  • Private charter flights on light aircraft
  • Full board basis except on days of arrival and departure
  • Dinner on day of arrival in Madagascar
  • Breakfast on day of departure from Madagascar

what is excluded

  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas


Itinerary at a glance

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Day 1

Outbound Flights
The suggested group outbound flight for this tour is:

Kenya Airways KQ101, scheduled to depart London Heathrow at 18:25 on Sunday 19th August, arriving into Nairobi airport at 05:00 the following day. This connects with Kenya Airways KQ256, scheduled to depart at 11:20, arriving into Antananarivo at 14:40.

For those making their own way to Antananarivo and not taking the group flight, please try to arrive in the morning or afternoon, so that you can meet up with rest of the group for the meal in the evening.

Antananarivo is literally translated as 'City of a Thousand', in reference to the 1,000 Merina tribe warriors, used by the king as protection of his city. More familiarly it is known as 'Tana'. Split into two regions (upper and lower towns), the city itself is a maze of bustling streets and alleyways, full of colourful markets, interspersed with ancient stone steps and historical sites.

Dinner included at the hotel.

You will be staying at Royal Palissandre, half board

Day 2

Drive from Antananarivo to Andasibe

This morning after breakfast, depart for Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. This four-hour journey is an adventure in itself as the drive takes in spectacular mountain highlands and traditional merina villages, with rice paddies stretching away into the distance. Arrive at the lodge around lunchtime.

Easily accessible from the capital, Antananarivo, Andasibe is one of Madagascar's most popular wildlife parks and offers great opportunities to see some of the country's exceptional wildlife including the unique indri. Its popularity is reflected in the high-quality accommodation and guiding available.

Afternoon Visit to the Park
After lunch, venture into Andasibe National Park for the first time. Home to the largest lemur, the indri, the park is one of the best places to spot them. Their eerie calls often give away their location in the forest canopy. Also look out for other lemur species, as well as chameleons and numerous types of birds.

You will be staying at Vakona Forest Lodge, full board

Day 3

Full day in Andasibe National Park in search of lemurs
Heading out at first light as the indris' calls rings out across the forest is a thrilling introduction to Andasibe. Whilst the country's largest lemurs are the star attraction, the diversity of wildlife found in Andasibe, ensures there is enough to keep you busy for days. Lemurs abound during day walks and wandering the forest trails is great fun as leaf-tailed geckos camouflage themselves on trees where tiny nose-horned chameleons hide under leaves and comet moths dry their wings in the sun. Head out after dark as tiny tenrecs rustle in the leaves and mouse lemurs sit wide-eyed in the torchlight, whilst a chorus of frogs act as the night time soundtrack.

Nocturnal Walk
This afternoon is flexible, depending on your arrival time, but there will be an opportunity to head out into the forest to explore, including a nocturnal walk in the Mitsinjo Reserve to spot chameleons and lemurs by torchlight,

You will be staying at Vakona Forest Lodge, full board

Day 4

Return to Antananarivo

After a more leisurely breakfast this morning, you then retrace your steps back to Antananarivo and after checking in to your hotel, the remainder of the day is at leisure to relax. Should you wish to explore Antananarivo, please discuss this with your guide who will be happy to run through the options with you.

You will be staying at Relais Des Plateaux, full board

Day 5

Travel from Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin (Air Transfer Journey)

Drive from Fort Dauphin to Berenty

A beautifully scenic drive, this journey takes about four hours and the road surface is a mix of asphalt and sand.

Running alongside the banks of the Mandrare River, Berenty Reserve is a private, 260-hectare forest that is home to numerous ring-tailed lemurs, sifakas, exotic birdlife and spectacular flora and fauna.

Berenty Evening Walk
An early evening walk to the reserve's area of spiny forest is magicalIn addition to lemurs there are a number of different chameleons and lizards to see, while a photograph of a flying fox in mid-flight is a rare thing but worth a try.

You will be staying at Berenty Lodge, full board

Day 6

Full Day at Berenty Reserve
It is difficult to say what previous Steppes clients have enjoyed more: photographing ring-tailed lemurs in Berenty Reserve as they descend from their 'roosts' at the top of trees in the early morning light or photographing the Verreaux's sifaka as it performs a beguiling dance to return to its bed for the night in the trees. Spend the day with Sue and see if any of these opportunities arise.

You will be staying at Berenty Lodge, full board

Day 7

Drive from Berenty to Fort Dauphin

A journey of around four hours, back to Fort Dauphin.

Travel from Fort Dauphin to Morondava (Air Transfer Journey)

Sitting on the island's west coast, the laid-back coastal resort of Morondava was once the centre of the ancient Sakalava Kingdom. The surrounding area still contains hidden tombs decorated with erotic carvings, for which the Sakalava people were most famous. Whilst the town itself is small, a leisurely walk along the main street past faded traditional buildings and the chance to get lost in the huge covered market is a fun way to spend a few hours.

You will be staying at Palissandre Cote Ouest Hotel, full board

Day 8

Drive from Morondava to Kirindy, a journey of around two hours.

A journey of around two hours.

Steppes clients who have made the effort to come here, consider this one of the most rewarding wildlife habitats in Madagascar, but remains overlooked by many visitors. Located midway along the western coast, this dry, deciduous forest reserve remains one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the elusive fossa, a carnivorous cat-like mammal that is endemic to the island. It is also home to a number of endemic dry forest species such as the giant jumping rat (not as bad as it sounds), narrow-striped mongoose and pygmy mouse lemur, along with over 70 species of bird found here. Plenty of lemurs allow for some wonderfully close-up shots and as many of the lemurs here are nocturnal, night walks are particularly rewarding.

Afternoon Walk
In the afternoon, explore the forest, famous for its brown lemurs and birding.

You will be staying at Camp Amoureux, full board

Day 9

Day to Explore
Time in Kirindy is adventurous and fun and exploring this remote park offers some very close encounters. An early start allows you to wander the trails and paths with a guide who knows the area backwards and see brown lemurs, seemingly blasé about being photographed, tortoises, geckos and tiny tenrecs. Follow the trail of the elusive, but beautiful fossa, before an afternoon exploring the nearby traditional villages with tiny shacks selling dried fish and local delicacies, behind which the local children practice their dancing (which is taken very seriously). In the evening, head out again for the chance to experience some of the exciting nocturnal creatures who live here.

Evening Visit to the Avenue of the Baobabs
Drive a short distance to the Avenue of the Baobabs and watch the sun set over this iconic cluster of trees, which flank a small dirt road. The reddening sky, which silhouettes the baobabs, makes for spectacular photos.

You will be staying at Camp Amoureux, full board

Day 10

Drive from Kirindy to Morondava

Leave Kirindy and travel to Morondava, which is approximately two hours away.

Travel from Morondava to Anjajavy (Air Transfer Journey)

You will be staying at Anjajavy, full board

Day 11

Arrive into Anjajavy which is accessible only by air and hidden on a peninsula surrounded by sea, tsingy (limestone formations), mangrove and baobab forest. As well as being a relaxing and peaceful place to spend the final days of the trip, Anjajavy has its own private nature reserve, home to a variety of remarkable endemic fauna, from Coquerel's sifaka to spiny iguanas and colourful chameleons. Take guided photography walks in the reserve over the next few days and in addition to the fauna, spend time photographing the iconic baobab tree. It is possible to visit the local fishing villages near to the lodge and further activities can be organised here (at additional cost), such as kayaking or fishing.

You will be staying at Anjajavy, full board

Day 12

A further day at Anjajavy

You will be staying at Anjajavy, full board

Day 13

Travel from Anjajavy to Antananarivo (Air Transfer Journey)

You will be staying at Relais Des Plateaux, half board

Day 14

Only breakfast included on the final day.

Day 15

Inbound Flights
The suggested group inbound flight for this tour is:

Kenya Airways KQ260, scheduled to depart Antananarivo at 02:25 on Monday 3rd September, arriving into Nairobi at 05:50. This connects with Kenya Airways KQ100, scheduled to depart at 09:20, arriving into London Heathrow at 16:15.


Below you can see some of the wonderful places we recommend you stay on your journey.

Vakona Forest Lodge

Vakona Forest Lodge

One of the most established lodges in the area, Vakona Forest Lodge sits in its own private reserve, so you get extra wildlife for your money along with plenty of rainforest....

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Situated 120 kilometres north of Mahajanga and only accessible by the lodge's private plane is the luxurious boutique Anjajavy hotel....

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Relais Des Plateaux

Relais Des Plateaux

Relais Des Plateaux is in a residential area, just 10 minutes from the airport and an hour from the city centre....

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Berenty Lodge

Berenty Lodge

Berenty lodge is perhaps the most well-known property in the region, set in the heart of a private nature reserve allowing some of the best opportunities to observe lemurs up-close, and is naturally very popular with photographers....

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Camp Amoureux

Camp Amoureux

Named after the two entwined baobabs in front of the bar, this is by far the best place to stay in an area of limited choices....

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For a detailed itinerary or to book your place on this tour, please contact us.

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