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Honeymoon to Morocco

14 days

from £13,100pp (excluding flights)

This unforgettable honeymoon to Morocco includes Fes, Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, combining romance, relaxation and just enough exhilaration, all the while staying in the most luxurious of hotels. 

  • Stay at the incomparably romantic Riad Fes and experience the historical and unspoilt old medina.
  • While the night away in Marrakech at some of the coolest restaurants and bars.
  • Fly by private helicopter over the Atlas Mountains to the incredibly luxurious Dar Ahlam.
  • Take in the sunrise over the Atlas Mountains from a hot air balloon, while sipping a celebratory glass of Champagne.
  • Stay in total luxury at your own private desert camp and dine under the stars in complete privacy. 

This phenomenally luxurious and varied Moroccan honeymoon offers the happy couple something incredible on every day of their trip. The honeymoon begins in Casablanca, a short, direct flight from the UK. Spend one night before being driven to the fascinating city of Fes. Explore the hypnotic, labyrinthine souks, taste local food and wine and listen to some world class, live music. Continue to the Valley of 1000 Kasbah’s by private helicopter and stay at the luxurious Dar Ahlam. Spend a night in the Sahara Desert in a truly romantic and private setting, followed by 3 nights in the buzzing, cosmopolitan city of Marrakech. This Moroccan honeymoon ends with 3 night’s relaxation and pampering at Richard Branson’s, Kasbah Tamadot.

For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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Itinerary at a glance

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Day 1

Fly London to Casablanca

Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and considered the economic and business centre of the country. There is little to keep one in Casablanca for more than a night but a visit to Hassan II Mosque is certainly worth while. The 3rd largest Mosque in the world it was built to commemorate the former Kings 60th birthday. It took over 6000 Moroccan artisans to build the Mosque with its French design exterior & Moroccan style interior. The Mosque can hold 25,000 worshippers inside and another 80,000 can be accommodated in the square surrounding it.

You will be staying at Sofitel La Tour Blanche, Bed & Breakfast

Day 2

Full day Transfer from Casablanca to Fes with Sightseeing

Travel to Fes visiting Meknes & Volubilis enroute.

Before leaving Casablanca you may like to visit Hassan II Mosque which is the 3rd largest Mosque in the world, built to commemorate the former Kings 60th birthday. It took over 6000 Moroccan artisans to build the Mosque with its French design exterior & Moroccan style interior. The Mosque can hold 25,000 worshippers inside and another 80,000 can be accommodated in the square surrounding it.

To visit the interior of the Mosque a guided tour is needed although just a wander around the exterior is worth it.

Meknes is one of the Imperial cities of Morocco. Set in the rich agricultural region the town is inhabited largely by Berbers. Perhaps the site most associated with Meknes is the Bab Mansour, the monumental gate that separates the central square of the Medina from the Imperial city. See the tomb of Moulay Ismail which was restored in 1959 by King Mohammed V. Although the mosques prayer hall is closed to non-Moslems it is possible to see the central fountain court and a wonderful example of a Moorish hall.

After leaving Meknes drive 30km's north to view the Roman city of Volubilis. This site is the largest and best-preserved Roman ruin in Morocco, particularly noted for its superb mosaic floors. It sits on the edge of the Jbel Zerhoun and is the finest archaeological site in the country. Although

a Roman site, its origins go back much further to the Neolithic period. It provides a unique insight into daily life at the time and villas, olive presses, the basilica and temples can all be seen.

One of Islam's greatest cities, Fez is also one of Morocco's gems. Remaining almost totally unspoilt in the heart of Fez is its old city, a maze of alleyways so redolent with history as to feel like a trip back in time. Then there are the magnificent palaces of the Fez el-Bali where you see the Royal Palace, the Mellah and souqs.

You will be staying at Riad Fes, Bed & Breakfast

Day 3

Full Day City Tour
You will be met at 10:00 this morning for your guided tour of Fes

Founded in the 9th century, Fes is the oldest Royal city in Morocco and is said to be the most complete Medieval city of the Arab world. See the ramparts for an introduction to the history and the culture of the city. Visit the food and spice markets, handicraft quarters, auction markets and colourful Souks. Also visit a school and meet the current school teacher and some of the pupils. Visit the public bakeries and pastry makers in the residential quarters and see their historical fountains, mosques and sanctuaries. Enter an artisan workshop and discover the secrets of their ancestral arts. You will also have the opportunity to walk through the Potters Quarter. Go inside the 14th century Madrasa Attarine (theological school) to see the most intricate architecture, and around the Al Qarawiyyin Mosque which was once the oldest university in the world, founded in 857 AD. Visit the Royal palace, built in the late 19th century where King Hassan I lived. This palace is now a museum of traditional local arts. Continue to Fes El Jedid (new Fes) for a stroll in the Jewish quarter to visit a 17th century synagogue and spend some time in the jewellery market. Other sites that you will visit, time permitting, will include Boulnania, Fondouk Nijjarine, Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II, Merenids tombs. Please note that the tour can be tailored by your guide around your interests.

You will be staying at Riad Fes, Bed & Breakfast

Day 4

Tasting Tour in Fes Medina
Visit the ancient medina of Fes and take a tasting tour with a guide. Gain a deeper understanding of Morocco, life at home, it's culture, agriculture, history and food. The guide will explain the different foods/products and how they are used and made and what customs are associated with them.

Dinner at a local home
This evening transfer to a local home to experience dinner in traditional Moroccan style.

You will be staying at Riad Fes, Bed & Breakfast

Day 5

Travel from Fes to Skoura (Air Transfer Journey)

Skoura itself comprises little more than a souk but it, together with its neighbouring oasis of Tinerhir, are beautiful oases in an otherwise barren area. There is a dense palmery and it is scattered with groups of Ksours and Kasbahs.

During your stay arrange local activities through hotel.

You will be staying at Dar Ahlam, Full board

Day 6

Travel from Skoura to Zagora

A journey of approximately 4 hours.

Zagora lies in the Draa Valley, a beautiful area with the River Draa cutting a swathe through the mountains. Established by the French authorities during the Protectorate, Zagora is the most convenient base for exploring this desert region. The sign saying "Timbuctu, 52 days by Camel" evokes the great age of the trans-Saharan caravans, although the illusion is slightly spoilt by the presence of the great concrete Prefecture behind it! The area comprises 125km of date palm oases which eventually merge with the Sahara near the village of Mhamid. The inhabitants of the area comprise of Arabs, Haratines and Berbers who continue the Jewish tradition of making silver jewellery. The area abounds with small, fortified settlements and villages (ksours), surrounded by fields, fig trees and palm groves.

About 5km's south are the first glimpses of the Sahara in the shape of a few isolated sand dunes called Tinfou Dunes. M'Hamid is the main starting point for trips into the desert - about 10 km's north of the town is Erg Lehoudi, a section of 100m high dunes. A more ambitious trip is to try and head out to Erg Chigaga which is a 40km stretch of 300m Saharan dunes located approx 56 kms' from M'Hamid.

You will be staying at Dar Ahlam Camp, Full board

Day 7

Drive from Zagora to Skoura (Road Journey)

You will be staying at Dar Ahlam, Full board

Day 8

Travel from Skoura to Marrakech

A journey time of approximately five to six hours passing through some beautiful mountain scenery.

Colourful, cosmopolitan Marrakech has an authentic Moroccan feel. This is a city steeped in rich history and where ancient culture is still very much in evidence today. Intricate buildings and architectural wonders tell their own stories while, in the evenings, acrobats and story tellers gather at Djemma El Fna Square - a scene best viewed from one of many terraced coffee shops overlooking the square.

Marrakech is a true North African gem waiting to be explored.

Sightseeing of Ait Benhaddou
Recognized as a UNESCO site, the Ksar Ait Benhaddou, located 32 miles from Ouazazate, is one of the most extraordinary kasbahs. This giant fortification, which is made up of six kasbahs and nearly fifty ksours (individual kasbahs), is a great example of pise clay architecture. Historically, traders carrying spices, slaves, and gold on the Sahara Trade Route passed by Ait Benhaddou and its Ksours on their way to Timbuktu or the Western Sahara. Today, the usage of this old trade route is fading and as a result many Kasbahs along it have turned into relics. The village of Aït Benhaddou sits on top of a hill and protects a series of Kasbahs and Ksour earth houses. Inside, the Ait Benhaddou village is decorated with a labyrinth like series of sandstone colored towers and walls. To one side of the village, a riverbed of the Mellah (old Jewish quarters) as well as several palm groves and trees can be spotted growing along the river bank. The village is particularly spectacular if you visit during the evening hours, at sunset, when the light and colors remain transparent and glisten above Ait Benhaddou, making it glow.

Ouarzazate is one of the most important of the southern towns and stands at a crossroads joining north and south Morocco. To one side of the town stretches the 'Valley of the 1000 Kasbahs' and to the other stretches the Draa Valley.

You will be staying at Villa des Orangers, Bed & Breakfast

Day 9

Full Day Tour of Marrakech
You will be met at 10:00 this morning for your guided tour of Marrakech

This tour offers a complete overview of the main sites of Marrakech and begins at the 12th century archaeological site of the Koutoubia mosque. Stop by Bab Agnaou gate and go through to visit the historical 16th century Saadian Tombs. Continue the walk through the 12th century Kasbah with its food market, bakeries and narrow alleyways. Visit the remains of El Badi palace built in the 16th century and admire the marvellous Minbar made in 1137 in Cordoba and sent to the King to be used as a pulpit in the big mosque. Enter the 19th century Bahia Palace and discover the intricate work done by the local artisans to decorate this splendid home. Conclude the morning tour with a stroll inside the Jewish quarter to visit the historical synagogue (if open), built in 1492 by Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain.

After a break for lunch, navigate through a maze of colorful streets to discover a multitude of traditional crafts made in Marrakech and the surrounding areas. Visit one of the many herbalist stores in the Souks and learn about Moroccan spices, medicinal herbs and essential oils. End the tour at the UNESCO world heritage site, Jemaa El Fna where you discover some of the local folklore traditions such as musicians, dancers, acrobats and snake charmers.

You will be staying at Villa des Orangers, Bed & Breakfast

Day 10

Hot Air Ballooning Excursion
Rise early this morning for a hot air ballooning ride over the Atlas Mountains. Transfer to the countryside outside of Marrakech to reach the launch site. Watch the launch team prepare the balloon for departure and receive a full safety briefing. The flight will cover between 15-25kms (depending on the wind speed), taking you over the beautiful countryside and local village surrounding Marrakech. The flight will take approximately 1 hour. After the balloon flight, drive to a Berber hamlet for a traditional breakfast in one of the local houses. Following this, continue to visit a Palmeraie before returning to your hotel.

Cooking Class with Chef Tarik.
This afternoon, drive a short distance outside Marrakech to meet Chef Tarik and learn how to prepare and cook a traditional Moroccan meal. Dinner will be served before returning to the city.

You will be staying at Villa des Orangers, Bed & Breakfast

Day 11

Travel from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains

A journey time of one hour.

Stretching over a thousand miles across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, the Atlas Mountains are a vision of inspiring, often stark beauty. Home to some of the highest peaks in North Africa, this is a complex landscape of jagged ridges and deep, narrow valleys - dropping away steeply to the north and, to the south, sloping gently into the endless expanses of the Sahara.

From the ancient city of Marrakech, the Atlas skyline stretches across the horizon, creating a stunning backdrop. Toubkal, North Africa's highest mountain, is only 50 miles south of Marrakech.

The High Atlas has been inhabited for thousands of years by a pastoral people known as the Berbers. They traditionally live in small villages of flat-roofed sun-baked mud houses, usually situated atop steep mountain slopes. Speaking Berber, Arabic, and French, they are as interesting and welcoming as they are knowledgeable of the mountains.

You will be staying at Kasbah Tamadot, Breakfast

Day 12

Optional Activities in the Atlas Mountains
In addition to treks and easy local walks and picnics, there are plenty of other things to do during a stay in the Atlas Mountains. Day trips by car to the Ourika Valley, the Setti Fatma Water Falls and the Tamadant Valley. Visit to the large Monday Berber Market at the nearby town of Tnine Ourika and to the farms growing herbs and flowers in the valley. Water rafting, canooing, mountain biking. Hot Air Balloon Day with camel ride and visit to a Berber Village. For a more leisurely day, relax at the Kasbah gardens with their views over the Valley of Ourika and the Atlas mountains.

You will be staying at Kasbah Tamadot, Breakfast

Day 13

Day at leisure.

You will be staying at Kasbah Tamadot, Breakfast

Day 14

Travel from Atlas Mountains to Marrakech

A journey time of approximately one hour

Fly Marrakech to London


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Kasbah Tamadot

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Riad Fes

Riad Fes

Riad Fes is an exquisite riad combining Moorish and oriental styles....

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Villa des Orangers

Villa des Orangers

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Dar Ahlam

Dar Ahlam

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For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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For a more detailed itinerary with great ideas on what to do and where to stay, please get in touch with our experts.

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