Family Safari, Masai Mara, Kenya


Don’t miss the opportunity to gather the whole family for a multi-generational holiday. Finding a time when everybody is free to travel is not easy so when you’ve got the date locked down in the diary, you’ll need a reliable tour operator to bring your ideas together and take care of logistics. Speak to our travel experts to make it all happen.

Are you happier with money in the bank or memories in the bank? There is a growing realisation that the acquisition of memories leads to greater happiness than a bank account brimming with cash or a house full of stuff. Holidays are the perfect vehicle for stockpiling memories that will long be revisited at future family gatherings and will be the source of a bond that will endure for generations to come.

Family Holidays, Elounda Gulf & Suites, Elounda, Crete, Greece
Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites, Elounda, Greece

Finding the perfect base is the key

Finding a holiday that will resonate with three generations is not an easy task, but our travel experts are used to meeting such challenges head-on. We start with ensuring that the children are well catered for. A villa, private house or exclusive take-over of a lodge or camp will mean they have the rule of the roost. You’ll have a swimming pool to keep the children occupied and you won’t need to worry about other guests at the property as we’ll find you somewhere to stay that is exclusively yours. That means your routine becomes the routine of the property you’re staying at. You get up when you want, you eat when you want, and your itinerary is scheduled to suit the needs and timeframe of the family. For the best results, we suggest you let us find you the perfect place to stay and you make that your base for most, if not all, of the holiday.

Family kayak
Costa Rica

Shared experiences and a bit of space for everybody

We’ll curate an itinerary for your family that caters to everybody’s likes and needs. Where necessary we can lay on different excursions for the grandparents, parents and children in order to give everybody a bit of space. But we know the most enduring memories are those that are shared, so we will always look to include several excursions or experiences that the whole family can enjoy together. While pre-arranging excursions is a good idea, we will be sure to leave you time to make your own discoveries as we know how special, spontaneous moments can be.


Boat Exterior, Tiger Blue, Komodo, Indonesia
Tiger Blue, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Charter your own boat for the ultimate multi-gen holiday

Speak to our team of experts about chartering your own boat, skipper and crew for a memorable multi-generational holiday. We have access to a variety of suitable vessels, ranging from a traditional phinisi in Indonesia to a catamaran in the Galapagos, a simple sailing yacht in Croatia or a high-end boat in Australia. A private charter gives you and your family the ultimate sense of exclusivity and freedom.

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