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Herd of Elephants, Selinda, Botswana

Positive Impact Travel - Expert-led Group Tours

A structured approach to ensuring that our Expert-led Group Tours follow our ethos of Positive Impact Travel.

Steppes is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our group tours, from the moment you depart for your destination, to the time your return home.

We have partnered with a specialist consultant ecollective to create a carbon reduction framework with the aim of creating holidays with a net positive carbon impact. Through measuring, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions, in the air and on the ground, we are able to create expert-led group tours that protect the worlds they explore.

Ulug Beg Observatory, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Taking a collective approach to carbon

Our partnership with ecollective has let us create a clear, measurable outline of how our group tours impact carbon emissions, both positively and negatively.

We assess each group tour for those core contributors to carbon, including flights, food consumption and water use, and also the positive change that our sustainability partners bring. We then work to constantly refine and improve those numbers.

A jaguar, walking in the grass in the Pantanal region of Brazil
Pantanal, Brazil

Understanding each trip's unique qualities

With all of those contributing factors measured and combined, we are able to produce a total UK Emissions (kg CO2e) figure per person per day for each tour. Here are some examples:

  • Albania – Origins of Illyria (23kgs CO2e per day)
  • India – Tiger Conservation with New Scientist (116kgs CO2e per day)
  • (americas dest) – (americas tour name) (XXkgs CO2e per day)

We compare these against the UK living average, which is around 34kg CO2e per day, and then find ways to reduce them, including removing internal flights and finding more sustainable properties. This also allows us to share a detailed, transparent footprint with clients of exactly how we’re working to reduce any core carbon emissions contributors.

Vanessa at the School, Kichwa Anangu Community, Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuadorean Amazon
Vanessa at the School, Kichwa Anangu Community, Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuadorean Amazon

Promoting social, economic and environmental development

With its net being spread to the far corners of the planet, our industry is uniquely placed to support Positive Impact Travel, and this plays a central role in our measured and measurable approach to carbon emissions.

By supporting projects that are pioneering local change, whether in female education, biodiversity or green energy, our expert-led group trips support a brighter future for the planet. In most cases our clients have the opportunity to actively contribute to these causes, including supporting orangutan conservation in Malaysia and (social example) in (destination).

Greek Temple, Greece
Olympia, Greece

Join an expert-led group tour to support positive impact travel

There are plenty of ways to explore the breadth of our expert-led group tours and you can get started by taking a look at our free online brochure or our detailed tour calendar.

Alternatively, you can speak directly to one of our knowledgeable Travel Experts by calling them on 01285 880980 or requesting a call back. We’re always happy to talk about the joys of cultural and wildlife experiences accompanied by the very brightest minds.

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