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Pantanal, Brazil

Jaguars and Maned Wolf Conservation

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13/08/2011 Days £4,995 ex. flightsValquiria Cabral12 AVAILABLE Reserve your place

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

South American Coati, Caiman Ecolodge, Pantanal, Brazil 1

Brazilian Savannah

Spend time exploring the Cerrado, the most biodiverse savannah in the world.

Oncafari Logo, Brazil 2

Expert knowledge

Benefit from the knowledge of naturalists, Oncafari researchers and local landowners.

Boat excursion, Baia das Pedras, Pantanal, Brazil 3


Gain a unique insight into the culture, conservation and wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal region.

Jaguar lying by log in dense undergrowth, Brazil 4

Incredible wildlife

Have the best chance of seeing jaguar and maned wolf in their natural habitat.

Why we like it

Both Jaguar and Maned wolf are endangered species, spend time with researchers, who are passionate about conserving them. This trip offers a wonderful chance to be involved in some pioneering conservation work and the chance to see these elusive animals in the wild.

Explore our suggested itinerary

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Brasilia - Cerrado
  • Days 3-5
  • Day 6
    Cerrado - Brasilia - Cuiaba
  • Day 7
    Cuiaba - Pantanal
  • Days 8-11
  • Day 12
    Pantanal - Cuiaba
Landscape of the Brazilian cerrado in the Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil
Cerrado, Brazil

Cerrado, Brazilian Savannah

The Cerrado is the most biodiverse savannah in the world, home to more than 850 species of birds, 251 mammals, 482 reptiles and amphibians and 1,200 fish as well as 13,000 plant species (about 5% of all plant species of the world). Currently, there remains less than 50% of the original Cerrado in Brazil, and it is estimated that 150 species of animals are at risk of extinction as a result of destruction or damage to this habitat. The jaguar, ocelot, armadillo, anteater, maned wolf and grey eagle are among these species.

Maned wolf (Chysocyon brachyurus)

Oncafari Maned wolf project

Neither a fox nor a wolf, the maned wolf is an intriguing animal. Unlike its namesakes in other parts of the world, the maned wolf prefers to hunt alone, looking for rodents, lizards, small birds and even fruit. A combination of habitat loss, hunting, road kills and disease have led to the maned wolf being threatened with extinction. This is where the Oncafari project steps in with a plan to use eco-tourism in conjunction with field research, to help protect the maned wolf. Thanks to Steppes’ partnership with Oncafari, you will have the opportunity to meet with researchers to learn about the maned wolf conservation project in more detail. Off the back of this tour, Steppes Travel will donate $500 to the project in order to purchase a camera trap to help researchers develop a better understanding of the maned wolf’s behaviour and movements.

Pantanal, Brazil
Pantanal, Brazil
Jaguar, Pantanal, Brazil
Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Baia das Pedras, Pantanal, Brazil
Baia das Pedras, Pantanal, Brazil

The Pantanal

The Pantanal, or wetlands of Mato Grosso, is one of nature’s last frontiers, the world’s largest animal reserve, and home to more than 600 different species of birds and 230 varieties of fish. It is made up of a huge lowland plain that is entirely overgrown by lush vegetation and covered with flowers that bloom during the rainy season from December to April.

Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Capybara, Pantanal, Brazil
Capybara, Pantanal, Brazil
Caiman with Butterfly, Pantanal, Brazil
Caiman with Butterfly, Pantanal, Brazil
Howler Monkeys
Howler Monkeys


As well as jaguars and wolves, you can typically expect to see giant anteaters, giant river otters, tapirs, capybaras and spectacled caimans as well as primates such as capuchins and howler monkeys. Birdlife in the Pantanal is plentiful and varied and includes endangered species such as hyacinth macaws as well as toucans, herons and migratory birds of prey such as ospreys.

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Travelling on your own? Our group tours are perfect for solo travellers, as travelling as part of an organised group in faraway places provides security and peace of mind. We handle all of the arrangements for you and there will be a local tour guide on hand throughout to provide advice and help if needed, as well as the expertise of a Tour expert.


To allow flexibility, our group tours do not include international flights as standard. We can arrange international flights on your behalf and the above is an indication of the cost, based on return flights departing from London. All international flights from the UK are ATOL protected.

What is included

  • Private English-speaking guide throughout
  • Accommodation as detailed in the itinerary
  • Maned wolf conservation experience with the Oncafari
  • Activities as indicated
  • Donation of USD $500 to Oncafari for the purchase of a camera trap
  • All transfers as detailed in the itinerary
  • Meals as indicated

What is excluded

  • International flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Drinks with meals

Why a Steppes expert-led group tour

1.Experience Matters

We have been running insightful and groundbreaking group tours since our inception in 1989. We have worked with institutions such as the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum and run wildlife tours in conjunction with conservation agencies such as Fauna & Flora International, Wildlife Conservation Society, the Orangutan Foundation, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the Jane Goodall Institute.

2.Size Matters

Our average group size is typically eight to ten people, smaller than other group tours typically offered – a factor which many of our clients appreciate. Travelling as part of a smaller group provides a more intimate, personalised and relaxed atmosphere.

4.It’s about who you know

We have developed an enviable pool of expertise from which to choose our tour experts, who we carefully select based on their knowledge, companionship and personality. Often, these experts can use their influence to facilitate private access to sites not typically open to the public.

3.Like-Minded People

Steppes Travellers are like-minded people – interesting, interested and curious. Our group tours aim to create an easy and informal atmosphere – we have a lot of fun on our tours and many friendships have been formed.

5.Value for money

Our tours are well-priced to ensure you get real value for money. We include gratuities on the majority of our tours and do not pass on currency surcharges. We strive to look after single travellers as well as we can, keeping single supplements to a minimum.

6.Peace of Mind

When you travel on one of our group tours, you will be looked after by our local agents and your tour expert with the back-up of our 24-hour emergency number and duty manager. All our holidays are fully bonded and protected – our ATOL number is ATOL 6495.

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Departure dateDuration
Prices Start from
Tour ExpertMax Group SizeStatus
13/08/2011 Days £4,995 ex. flightsValquiria Cabral12 AVAILABLE Reserve your place

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