Nagaland, India

The North Eastern state of Nagaland is utterly intriguing and one of India’s last remaining frontiers, full of beautiful rolling hills and verdant rainforests. The Naga people, made up of 16 proud tribes, were once fearsome warriors and headhunters, who have retained much of their traditional and cultural heritage, visible in their elaborate costumes and ritual headdresses which incorporate tiger tusks, bear skins, hornbill feathers and other symbolic dress. Visiting in December allows you to experience the vibrant and exotic Hornbill Festival, a grand celebration of tribal history, dance, music and food.  The festival also combines well with a cruise on the Brahmaputra River in Assam.

Where to stay in December?

Set amidst lush forest land, with the sounds of a mountain brook nearby is the luxurious Kohima Camp. The luxury tents offer you a glamping experience like nothing else, each tent having its own private sit out that overlooks scenic mountain vistas. Inside they come complete with a plush four poster bed and tastefully curated furniture. The venue of the Hornbill festival is a few minutes’ drive away.