Whales and Leopards of Sri Lanka

I’ve just spoken to one of our well travelled cilents who are keen wildlife enthusiasts who are both delighted travellers following their holiday in Sri Lanka. The main reason for their trip was to see wildlife so I was thrilled when they told me of the amazing sightings they’d had.

While based in Galle we’d booked a private boat for whale watching trips and while on the water they’d seen pods of dolphins, Pilot whale and the elusive Blue whale – what a rare treat. Moving onto Yala National Park they were lucky enough to have seven leopard sightings and all this topped off by an hour observing a solitary Sloth bear.

Sri Lanka really does manage to offer something for everyone but if wildlife is you’re thing and you’d like to experience these sightings for yourself then why not consider joining our November Whales and Leopard trip to Sri Lanka. A small, specilist group hosted by experienced guides it offers a chance to get close and give something back. Part of the trip cost goes to the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society, working hard to support wildlife on this enchanging island.

Do give me a ring if this appeals, having visited Sri Lanka three times I’d be more than happy to regail travel stories – I promise not to bore you!