Rajasthan woman

With Glastonbury and Wimbledon on everyone’s lips and with the promise of a summer full of festivals, we were inspired to come up with a list of our top 4 festivals from around the world. With Steppes Travel coming from the home of the Cheese Rolling competition we have put together some ideas that offer something a little different than just Music and mud…


The Yeepao Competition in the Quindio region of Colombia celebrates the humble Willis Jeep. A vehicle that has become synonymous with the region is honoured each year by the residents who compete to fit as much in, on and under the jeep. They then drive through the main streets of the town, trying to get further than any of the other competitors. Not only a beautiful area of Colombia but a fantastic opportunity for unique and amusing images.


The Jaisalmer Desert Festival in the beautiful Indian region of Rajasthan is bursting with colour and life. Held in the desert city with the Golden Fortress of Jaisalmer it showcases the colourful heritage and folk culture of this region with dancing, costumes and festivities. The friendly locals will invite you to join in and judge the moustache and turban tying competitions!


The Lake Turkana Festival is all about the bringing together of the communities within this remote and little visited region of Kenya. The festival is full of cultural dances and local traditions, aimed to offer insights into the lives of the local tribes and to breakdown stereotypes. The festival not only offers a lively atmosphere but also provides the perfect excuse to get off the beaten track and visit a wild and very different Kenya.


Celebrated for over 70 years, in early November gauchos descend on the little town of San Antonia de Areco to join in Argentina’s version of a rodeo. The gauchos take to the cobbled streets, dressed in all their finery for a week of celebrations. Perhaps the most impressive day is the jineteada gaucha which ends the celebrations which is of course accompanied by the most mouth watering BBQ laden with famous Argentinian steak.