The Songtsam Lodges and where to start? I could use bountiful amounts of superlatives to describe my experience there but wouldn’t that be cliché? How about I give the truth and honest facts?

My experience about these truly fabulous, cosy sanctuaries blended in with local villages, off the beaten track and offering truly splendid scenery…oh dear, I seem to have dragged back to the clichés but they really are deserved!

More seriously though the five lodges that cluster through the valleys, gorges and mountain ranges of remote Yunnan deserve all the plaudits it can get. Who’d have thought, and now picture this, sitting embedded at the bottom of a valley ‘officially’ in Tibet, surrounded by fresh orange trees, green paddy fields, a stream bubbling nearby, toothy grins and flashes of colour from local minorities. Better still, while sitting under the veranda sipping fiery ginger tea and dunking Tibetan biscuits in freshly made Yak butter…I mean what could be better!

As night falls and the sun disappears, a chill arrives, not surprising being above 3000m. But go inside and your abode gets better. A log burner flickers in the background of your room to keep you nice and snug, now all you need to do is sit back and take in those wonderful views to enjoy…and most importantly – there is no TV!