Journeying to Torres del Paine

Finally arrived in Patagonia after two flight delays and 40 hours! 5 hours after hitting the hay, I woke up to this superb view from my bed. This is why I’m back in Patagonia and it makes the journey totally worthwhile! I’m now aboard the d’Agostini boat to see the remote Serrano and Balmaceda Glaciers before taking a zodiac up river in to the Torres del Paine. A client called me a genius for including this trip in his Chile holiday, let’s hope it’s a good one-first time for me!

This has really turned out to be a very cool trip, seeing the glaciers was fantastic and whilst there were 50 of us it still felt like a very remote experience as we were the only boat to arrive today. Boarding the zodiac was when the real fun began, donning a bright orange knee-length jacket, speeding up the Rio Serrano we went. Each wave thrust us closer to the Torres del Paine, my favourite part of Chile and possibly anywhere on earth. I just love it here.

We got a little wet as we egged on the driver of the zodiac to twist and turn a la James Bond in the Thames! I was delighted to arrive and see the Cuernos or horns of Paine and finally arrive at the new Awasi hotel (their superb sister hotel is based in San Pedro de Atacama). Fine wines, delicious food and stunning rooms await. It sits on a hillside with incredible views of Azure blue Sarmiento Lake and the Torres themselves. Whilst is has been open for only one week there is some landscaping to be done, Awasi is a special spot.

I’m utterly convinced that the whole journey from home to Patagonia was definitely worthwhile despite the delay, and especially so once I had a glass of red and some delicious hare in my belly!