Guatemalan Charity begins in the Garden

Yesterday, we visited an amazing Plan project here in Guatemala that I hope we can support in the future.

In my previous blog I said that children’s diets are very limited – tortillas, rice and beans, this project is encouraging families to grow their own vegetables and fruit. The families receive no money but training to know what to plant, how to make organic fertilizer with a box, worms and left overs and importantly educating the Mums on how to cook nutritious food for their children.

Plan work with the communities for just 1 year, by which time the community becomes self-sufficient, sharing seeds and helping each other. The gardeners that we met are very proud of their gardens and they grow all kinds of vegetables in small spaces. I was blown away by the simplicity of it and could see how just small things can have a massive impact.

Now we have a day of R&R in the beautiful old colonial city of Antigua. Our hotel El Meson de Maria is probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at, my travelling companions are slowly running out of superlatives, beers on the roof terrace in a cardigan was a great way to end the day!

Unfortunately, it will be time to come home tomorrow, but Guatemala has touched my heart and I will be sponsoring a child through Plan on my return. I have done the sums and it costs just 5 lattes per month, so I will need to choose which days I shall be giving up coffee very carefully!

Yesterday it was our last official visit and BGL were being given the keys to the town of Los Almates, there was TV, national anthems and everything- another great day.

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