Amazon in style

All the 5* comforts you wouldn’t usually expect in the heart of the jungle

I am sure most passengers thinking of travelling deep into the Amazon are expecting the voyages to be a little “rough around the edges” – well think again. We are now offering 3 vessels that will take you into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve located deep within the Amazon rainforest at the headwaters of the Amazon River basin. This region is one of Peru’s most well preserved havens for Amazon wildlife, plants and birds. The Amazon Basin contains a third of all animal species and one in five of all bird species; from the tiniest hummingbirds through to the great caracaras.

Spend your days exploring the region with excursions by comfortable motorised skiffs, visit communities who are an integral part of the reserve and learn about their ancestral traditions.

Exploring some of the smaller rivers such as the Pucate, Yanayacu and Dorado you will hopefully encounter both pink and grey river dolphin, giant otters, a plethora of birdlife, sloths and monkeys. You will have chance to paddle through blackwater lagoons, walk in regions of terra firma and possibly fish for piranhas. As night falls, you will hear the cacophony of the Amazon rainforest as the nocturnal wildlife comes alive.

Returning from your excursions to a your small luxury vessel to relax in large air-conditioned suites. Watch the Amazon slip by from magnificent panoramic windows, while you are served gourmet meals. Chill out with a book on one of the comfortable observation decks, or slip into the Jacuzzi.

If this sounds like your ideal cruise contact the voyages team on 01285 880981 or go to our Amazon Cruises page


Amazon Adventurer

The Amazon conjures up images of huge rivers, amazing rainforest, weird animals & brightly coloured birds, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

I have recently returned from a 7 night voyage along the Rio Negro which flows into the Amazon at Manaus, our starting point. Manaus is a big city in the heart of the forest and the port is a hubbub of boats all departing up different rivers and tributaries to various destinations. I travelled aboard the comfortable 18 passenger Tucano with a crew of 9 including 3 naturalist guides.

We spent our days exploring the biodiversity of various eco-systems within this region. In May the flood waters are very high and the rivers are huge. Paddling amongst the tops of huge trees is a very bizarre feeling and an excellent way to get close to birdlife. Toucans, Macaws & Parrots screeched as they flew over head, the vultures & Caracaras simply looked down on us rather scornfully. During our voyage we saw various species of monkey including the noisy Howlers who trumpet in the as the dawn chorus. By night the frogs were in full song as we paddled silently under the darkness of night with a single spotlight searching for Caiman, Boas and the rather lovely Giant Bamboo Rat. During the afternoons we were generally repositioning for our next foray and frequently saw both Grey & Pink Dolphins surfacing and Sloths sitting motionlessly in their trees. In some places we stopped at tiny villages where the people live by subsistence fishing and farming of manioc their staple diet. This was a full on up early in the morning and active trip with 4 canoe trips & walks most days to make the most of the 8 days we had.

It really is a jungle out there so get out and explore it……