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View of Nagaland
December 3, 2018
Tucked away in the extreme north-east of India lies the small state of Nagaland. On the border with Myanmar, and not a million miles away from China, this region does not feel like India. But that is a very general and throw away comment. What does India feel like? It is a massive country with […]
By: Joe Parkes
Destination: India

November 30, 2018
I wrote the blog below in 2009, when I was manager at Kicheche Mara Camp. I spent two years in the Masai Mara and built up a bank of exhilarating safari memories. The afternoon I spent with wild dogs is the most enduring…the memory still gives me goosebumps. “As a young boy I would wake […]
By: Jarrod Kyte
Destination: Kenya

November 30, 2018
An iconic African predator, the Painted Wolf, has stared in films going back as early as I can remember. One such film was in the early 1970s on the World About Us strand starring a Painted Wolf named ‘Solo’. To this day, I wonder how the crew managed to succeed in following the pack over […]
By: Fergus Beeley

November 26, 2018
When I heard of the poisoning of Bibi and other members of the Marsh Pride of lions in Kenya’s Maasai Mara on 6 December 2015, my jaw simply dropped. They were, after all, probably the most famous and well filmed lions in the world. In all, eight lions in the Pride had been poisoned. My […]
By: Fergus Beeley
Destination: Kenya

November 26, 2018
At Steppes Travel, we take hundreds of clients each year on wildlife safaris and so the debate on whether it is right to intervene when an animal is in peril is of particular interest to us. Given the means and opportunity, I’m sure there are very few of us that wouldn’t have taken steps to […]
By: Jarrod Kyte

November 19, 2018
Israel is one of the most expectation defying destinations we have ever visited. Many think of Israel as the Holy Land, or a place too infrequently on the news, or perhaps even as the 1970s kibbutz holiday destination. While it is indeed packed with stunning churches and religious sites, and it’s true that tensions flare […]
By: Steppes Travel
Destination: Israel

Buddha statues in Seema Malaka temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka
November 12, 2018
The Lonely Planet recently named Sri Lanka the number one country to visit in 2019, which is not surprising, as it ticks all the boxes
By: Clare Burkey
Destination: Sri Lanka

Orangutan, Indonesian Borneo
November 6, 2018
Many of us already know that the forest is disappearing in Indonesian Borneo, due to the oil palm industry and forest fires. We see the devastation on television, in magazines and newspapers and the loss of habitat for wildlife such as the orangutans is worrying. We do what we can to reduce the demand for […]
By: Clare Higginson
Destination: Borneo, Indonesia

Comedy performer at Shamens festival, China
November 1, 2018
I have been travelling to China since the early 1980’s when I was a backpacker, and, on this occasion, I accompanied our textile and cultural group tour to Gansu and Qinghai Provinces in central China. Our China group tour leader Gina Corrigan is an expert on Miao and Tibetan costumes; her collections can be found […]
By: Paul Craven
Destination: China

October 23, 2018
Having seen Blue Planet II and bowed in reverence to BBC’s Natural History Unit for the remarkable achievement for their innovation, storytelling and entertainment, I was intrigued as to how their next offering, the wildlife documentary Dynasties could possibly follow suit? As a wildlife film maker myself and trying to keep up by seeing the […]
By: Fergus Beeley
Destination: Tanzania, Uganda