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January 21, 2019
“I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.” David, my fellow gorilla trekker, has just summed up how you feel, the first time you see a mountain gorilla. High in the bamboo rainforests of northern Rwanda, six overexcited, muddy tourists are squeezed together, trying to stay calm and upright in a tiny […]
By: Chris Johnston
Destination: Rwanda

January 18, 2019
The loud sound of African drums began beating to a steady rhythm. Gradually getting louder and filling the cold morning air, the music echoed through the camp and into our tents. A unique but effective wake up call for both guests and animals alike. The booming voice of Vestment, our guide, called out to me: […]
By: Charlotte Butler
Destination: South Africa

January 18, 2019
Crossing the border into Georgia, it took only an hour and a half to reach the buzzing, vibrant, stunning capital Tbilisi. The Georgians are hospitable and sociable people, always ready to help, share a story, or just make you feel welcome. For a number of years after they gained their independence from Russia, Georgians went […]
By: Steppes Travel
Destination: Georgia

January 17, 2019
One of the questions so often asked after a big holiday is “did it live up to your expectations?” Our response is that we go with an open mind and will wait and see how it turns out. This way you are often very pleasantly surprised. During our recent holiday to Australia, the Murray River […]
By: Steppes Travel
Destination: Australia

January 10, 2019
The small temporary stage at the Natural History Museum belies the artful and creative production played out on it. I am particularly gripped when at the end of act one, the HMS Beagle is deluged in a storm. This play – The Wider Earth traces Darwin’s journey. Both his physical journey aboard the Beagle and […]
By: Justin Wateridge
Destination: Galapagos Islands

January 8, 2019
“Leopard!” The jeep stopped abruptly. Hands clammy with excitement, I looked quickly around in anticipation. Sure enough, over to our left, a leopard had stopped in the middle of the path. I gasped – it was only a few metres away. The leopard, chest rising and falling slowly, looked right at us with insouciance. My […]
By: Amy Hastie
Destination: Sri Lanka

January 7, 2019
Thirty years ago, one of the joys of travelling – other than joy of travel itself – was going to a post restante to receive mail, not of the electronic variety. It was a real frisson. The thrill of receiving news from home. The dilemma of whether to open letters there and then or go […]
By: Justin Wateridge

January 7, 2019
“I have five children” Erenia explains in a quiet voice. “We were homeless. We slept on the streets, in churches, in doorways, I had nothing.”  During my travels in Costa Rica, I had the good fortune to be introduced to an extraordinary charity that is helping the lives of hundreds of children and families. CEPIA (Culture, […]
By: Kate Wharton
Destination: Costa Rica

January 4, 2019
On a crisp early morning, old men tend the locomotive, oiling and stoking. We roll out of the yard and onto the plateau, through the prickly pears to the edge of the escarpment. Then, like a roller coaster of old, we are launched off the edge, between hills, over narrow bridges and through black, soot-lined […]
By: Illona Cross
Destination: Eritrea

January 2, 2019
A week of travel sits heavy in my legs. As I break into a jog, I feel the blood begin to pump. For once, I’m in Africa and able to run or walk wherever I want. This is Madagascar, where the threat of lions, buffaloes or elephants cannot curtail my Forest Gump-esque approach to exploration. […]
By: Rob Gardiner
Destination: Madagascar