Latest Travel Stories

Namibia - Skeleton Coast
July 31, 2018
Stay in the only lodge in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast national park and walk alongside desert adapted giraffe in the Hoanib. The best pitches are always the simplest and so it wasn’t long before the Financial Times were on the telephone wanting to know more about our idea for a press story in Namibia. We told […]
By: Jarrod Kyte
Destination: Namibia

Carretera Austral, Patagonia Chile
July 31, 2018
We had been talking with Stanley Stewart for some time regarding a story about Chile’s great southern road, the Carretera Austral. It was probably two years between the conception of the story and seeing it in print in Conde Nast Traveller. Great travel pieces (and great travel writers) are worth waiting for as they capture […]
By: Jarrod Kyte
Destination: Chile

Ushguli, Georgia
July 31, 2018
Stanley Stewart asked to be fully immersed into the culture of Georgia on the visit we arranged for him last year. He wanted to meet people, hear their stories and learn about the country through these interactions. Stanley and I agreed that a good place to seek out these stories was in Georgia’s mountains, which […]
By: Joe Parkes
Destination: Georgia

Sanjusangendo Temple
July 24, 2018
The 33 interval temple. Such a humble name for such an impressive place. It wasn’t a temple that I knew anything about before arriving in Kyoto but the impact it’s had on me will undoubtedly remain with me for a long time to come. We just seemed to stumble upon it and in a city […]
By: Clare Higginson
Destination: Japan

Yakitori Bar
July 24, 2018
There was no denying it, I was nervous. I was nervous that every meal I was to be given on the street food tour around Tokyo would be fish. Perhaps a ridiculous thing to be anxious about, but as it’s rarely my food of choice, I was delighted to hear that a Yakatori bar, specialising […]
By: Clare Higginson
Destination: Japan

Puma, Patagonia, Chile
July 23, 2018
It’s daybreak at Awasi Patagonia and one of our guides has already headed out into the Awasi Private Reserve with a guest. They spot some guanacos on high alert, their ears pricked and muscles tense, and suddenly catch sight of a puma. Distinctive for its unusually dark fur, this puma has been spotted recently around […]
By: Lucy Hayward
Destination: Chile, South America

Meroe Pyramid Sudan
July 20, 2018
Sudanese smiles, hibiscus tea, Amon, nomads, pyramids and many more memories keep whirling through my head like whirling dervish on a Friday afternoon in Khartoum. I am trying to catch up on some sleep on my flight home from Sudan, but my mind is still buzzing and perhaps just acknowledging what I have done and […]
By: Bridget Cohen
Destination: Africa, Sudan

People of the Steppes
July 16, 2018
I am flying from Ulan Bataar to Uglii in the far west of Mongolia. Beneath me, dark patches of forest, multi-coloured lakes and strips of undulating, bronze sand give colour and depth to the otherwise desolate landscape. Unbelievably, next to these features – on the edges of the forests, by the shores of the lakes […]
By: Jarrod Kyte
Destination: Mongolia

Lions Manyoni Reserve South Africa
July 12, 2018
“A cheetah, smoking a cigar, wearing leather slippers” retorts my son. Our guide Vicky, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed city-girl turned bush-ranger, has just asked my twelve-year old son George what animals he was hoping to see. Vicky laughs and gives George a look that tells me she has immediately got the measure of him. Children on […]
By: Jarrod Kyte
Destination: Africa, South Africa

Aurora Andoy Friluftssenter
July 3, 2018
With just three long nights and three short days I wasn’t expecting to see much of the Vesteralen Island in northern Norway, but I was very much mistaken. A flight via Oslo found me arriving in Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes at 17:30. It was dark on arrival and I knew I had a two and half […]
By: Sue Grimwood
Destination: Norway