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, Baranof Island, Alaska

An Alaskan Treasure Hunt

Do you feel that cruising is not for you – mainstream, restrictive, unadventurous? I confess I felt the same, until recently when I tried my hand at expeditionary cruising and it has blown my expectations way out of the salty water. Here is why: Heading to the small coastal town of Petersburg in south-east Alaska […]

Where Jaguars Roam

We have been bumbling along the dusty, red-earth tracks in Brazil’s Southern Pantanal for the last hour. Since we left the lodge I have been searching the horizon.  Searching every tree branch, blade of grass and river bank, hoping for the slightest glimmer of a jaguar or any other wildlife for that matter. As we […]


Ecuador – A day out at the playground

We pull up to the rustic wooden jetty, the noise of the engine receding giving way to the lively chatter of the forest. With the midday sun bouncing off the leaves, the bright colours of the rainforest were vibrant, showcasing the diversity of flora surrounding us. The chitter chatter of the birds was deafening broken […]


Soaring Over Alaska

The pilot tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a huge glacier stretching as far as the eye could see, one of many huge natural wonders in this wilderness area of Alaska. Flying over the Alaska Range of Denali, I felt like a tiny insect being engulfed by the land. A vast landscape of […]


British Columbia

Soaring high above Vancouver I pushed my face to the glass to take a look at the land below. I could just make out the city sights in the distance of the harbour and the towering sky scrapers rising up to the sky. Before long the city was lost into the clouds screening my view […]