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Spotlight on African Bush Camp properties in Zimbabwe

Spotlight on African Bush Camp properties in Zimbabwe

I was fortunate to spend my time in Zimbabwe at the African Bush Camp properties in Mana Pools and Hwange. The ABC properties know exactly how to offer the best southern African safari experience. Wildlife viewings, whether it’s from your camp, canoe or game drive vehicle, directed by a guide that knows the land like the […]

The Spirit of the Indian Jungle

‘’There, can you see it?’’I scanned the horizon. Nothing.‘‘The ear, can you see it twitch.’’I picked up my camera and extended the lens.‘’See the log, just behind you’ll see it.’’Both my eyesight and lens had let me down.‘’Ok, let me drive closer’’. Namrata, our naturalist in Pench National Park, ushered to the vehicle in front […]

, Cecil the Lion's Pride

Pride of Zimbabwe

Calvet Nkomo, our guide in Hwange, Zimbabwe, looks back at us, his brows furrowed as the dwindling remnants of sunlight drift across the plains of Imbiza, imbuing this almost prehistoric landscape with hues of pink and purple. “I can teach and train for years but some things…’’ Calvet pauses again, glancing over at the silhouette of […]

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A close encounter with an Imam in Isfahan, Iran

The Imam mosque, also known as the Shah mosque in the Royal Square in Isfahan is an absolute treasure to behold. It was featured on Around the World in 80 Treasures, presented by the architecture historian Dan Cruickshank, and rightly so. The towering turquoise minarets are stunning in themselves but it is certainly worth the wander […]


Discovering Iran: Isfahan is half the world

“Isfahan is half the world, they say. You’ll notice the people of Isfahan are full of exaggerations. So I too will say that I am the best guide in Isfahan” proclaimed our local guide Ehsan proudly. Neither was in fact an exaggeration. Both he and the city are incredible. An ancient metropolis lying across timeless trade […]

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Ana bahebbek, Marrakech

Mornings in Marrakech were a world away from the monotony of a morning commute at home. Awoken with the azan and dining al fresco in the courtyard or the mezzanine of our Riad Ilayka; the warmth of the morning sun gracing our shoulders was a pleasure I’d happily and repeatedly relive. Each course of our breakfast […]


Fundraising for Haiyan Relief

According to Philippines officials, the death toll from Typhoon Haiyan has now reached 3,621 and the Red Cross approximate at least 22,000 people to still be missing. With the spirit of Children in Need, our Steppes team have taken to their (slightly embarrassing) onesies, brought in their cuddly toys and homemade (hopefully edible) treats to […]