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10 reasons to visit Romania

As one of Central Europe’s most beautiful but least explored countries, Romania is rich in flora and fauna, medieval culture and villages and the Carpathian Mountains, home to a third of Europe’s brown bears. We have picked our ‘must-do’ experiences including some of Romania’s hidden gems. 1. Transfargarasan Experience It is said to be one […]

View of Nagaland

India’s final frontier

Tucked away in the extreme north-east of India lies the small state of Nagaland. On the border with Myanmar, and not a million miles away from China, this region does not feel like India. But that is a very general and throw away comment. What does India feel like? It is a massive country with […]

Monastery Beach, Albania

Reflections On A Road Journey

Looking out of the window at a blanket of grey cloud I am struggling to begin this blog about my recent trip to Albania. The sky there was always blue. Perhaps that is somewhere to start. High summer and very busy. Temperatures up to the early forties. A car that overheated not once or twice, […]

Ushguli, Georgia

A Wild Journey Through Georgia

Stanley Stewart asked to be fully immersed into the culture of Georgia on the visit we arranged for him last year. He wanted to meet people, hear their stories and learn about the country through these interactions. Stanley and I agreed that a good place to seek out these stories was in Georgia’s mountains, which […]

View from Raven's Nest, Apeseni Mountains, Romania

The Land Where the Cuckoo Calls

Two and a half hours flying time away from London lies a wild land inhabited by bear, wolf, lynx and Romani people who can trace their lineage back 1,000 years to the desert villages of Rajasthan. To me Romania felt a land more south Asian than European. I am prepared to go out on a […]

Georgia Walking around Kazbegi region

A Journey through the Caucasus – Georgia and Armenia

Autumn and winter met head-on as I travelled through Georgia and Armenia. Early on in my trip, two feet of snow fell in two days and two nights and painted the small Georgian town of Kazbegi and its mountains a brilliant, glistening white. Elsewhere vibrant multi-coloured autumn trees carpeted steep slopes, hidden valleys drew my […]

, Biking-through-tiger-country,-India

Cycling in Tiger Country

When we learnt of a pioneering new trip that involved cycling in the buffer zone linking two of India’s better known Tiger reserves there was considerable excitement in the office. As tiger habitat shrinks and human, animal conflict increases, these ‘tiger corridors’ are vital in the conservation of the species as they enable tigers to […]


A Short Walk With A Ladakhi Princess

Princess didn’t seem a likely name for a seven-year-old Bactrian camel. For a start, Princess was male. But in him I trusted for the next two days, as he sure-footedly carried me through thickets of razor-sharp sea buckthorn, over rivers, and up and down milky sand dunes in the far north of Ladakh. In other parts of the […]


A day in Maung Shwe Lay – Myanmar

The beach was a perfect crescent of white sand backed with swaying palm trees and fronted by a handful of fishing boats tethered in the shallows. Two young children shrieked as they zig-zagged along the sand on adult-sized bicycles. Elsewhere the beach was empty. Deserted. I searched through a stack of photograph albums in my mind […]